Indiana Beach, updates from 7/26

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Not a real TR here, just updates on a few things:

1) As noted on some website (can't remember where I saw it), IB does seem to have done away with the 15-minute or max. 4 empty seats rule. I didn't get to see this in action as the park was pretty crowded, but the signs were gone! :)

2) New signs posted at both Cornball and Hoosier Hurricane reading something to the effect of "Absolutely NO Standing, Remove all gum, candy, mints, etc. from your mouth before riding." :(

3) Mini-bumper boats are open (upcharge...I didn't catch how much though) in front of the Sea Dragon. Super cute to watch little kids run their boats into the ride op, who stands in the water with them. :)

4) Galaxi is running single cars now instead of two connected cars. I didn't get a close up look at them, but they appear to be new cars entirely. Anyone know?

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