Indiana Beach relies on "old school" charm

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That “old-school” charm is something that Indiana Beach officials hope that guests pick up on this summer. Much of their off-season involved a delicate balancing act of bringing fresh ideas while still preserving the nostalgic feeling that longtime visitors have as they stroll along the boardwalk.

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What they really need to do is bring in Lighty the Lamppost as the new general manager of the park. Now there's someone who knows a thing or two about adding charm to a park. Unfortunately, I hear he's been hitting the sap pretty hard since Charmland went bankrupt.

"Park officials also spent time re-tracking all three of the park's wooden roller coasters."

If that's the case then we're in trouble...

Why? I hear it was RMC who did the work.

Right. Sorry, it was a joke. If those park officials themselves did the work, god knows...

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I liked the joke...a little silly goes a long way with me.

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I think there was also another article written in this tone recently. From the trip reports I've read, things are not better. The owners must have connections with that dang ol' liberal media.

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A good friend of mine still works at the park. He has confirmed they've begun replacing light bulbs all over the entire park on rides. They have moved the swings back where they belong, painted them and gave them a new lighting package. Most of the accommodations (including the Beach Club Inn) have received face lifts including new furniture, bedding and a flat panel television. The sky room got new flooring, buffet lines, and chairs. The Roof Garden got a makeover, removing those old booths. There is a new bar in the former waiting area for the Sky Room. The speed slide got a new gel coat and some fresh paint. I am also told, the Castle is getting light bulbs replaced along with a little TLC on some of the animatronics. I would say overall, they have taken great strides this year to improve, and according to Sherry Vogel, on the facebook page, their goal is to be completely done with the refresh by 2014.

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They are moving the swings back out on the platform over the water? That's pretty cool. Is there any hint of a new ride going into the other location?

I used to love going to Indiana Beach, but now it costs way too much for me to go there. As far as I know the only new ride the park has received with the new owners is steel hawg, and nothing else. Well, I guess there is that upcharge obstical course, but I would harldy call that a ride, and still feel that it did more damage than good.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

If you link to the article there's photos of the work being done- assembling the nicely painted YoYo and shots of the upgraded Sky Room and Roof Garden.

I'm with you, T-R. When I heard they were installing that climbing thing on the boardwalk side and moving the rides (eventually, I guess, right?) my heart sank. I'm a fan of "old school" charm and a big part of that at IB was glittering rides along the boardwalk. As far as I was concerned, the up charge attraction might've found a home on the side facing the campground. Air Crow would be a good fit on a water platform as well, maybe trading places with Paratrooper or one of those ancient flats along the water.

I hope IB eventually has a successful comeback. I always think of that place as kind of a poor man's Cedar Point, but I have great memories of trips there over the years and I'd love to get back to the park someday soon.

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