Indiana Beach racing to finish new area of park

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Indiana Beach will start its 2011 season on May 7. And the site that got its start 85 years ago as a swimming area in a cornfield is adding a new park area for the 2011 season. Adventure Point at Indiana Beach features zip lines, a high ropes course, rock climbing and the Adventure Point Outfitters shop.

Read more from The Journal and Courier.

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No more boardwalk, water swings minus water, I would love to say I haven't seen the day that I wouldn't like Indiana Beach, but ever since the sale, I figured this day would come.

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Change is inevitable. Although I am not sure even I like this change. Will I give it a chance...Sure.

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I feel making these changes are good for the park and will bring new life to the park. I'm not sure what the "boardwalk" is they are taking out, because they are certainly keeping the path where the taco stand, Lost Coaster, etc. are. As for the water swings, yes it sucks they won'd be over the water anymore, but surely ziplining over the water will be awesome!

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Maybe the rides that were removed for these new additionals could be moved the area between Steel Hawg and Hoosier Hurricane. I thought that area was had a barren parking lot feel. And Steel Hawg was bit of an orphan ride out by itself.

The article does seem rather vague. It is confusing about the removel of the boardwalk. Can anyone explain this better?

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I, myself, is trying to place the boardwalk. I thought it was in front of locosumo, but that is concrete. I can't place a boardwalk at all. I would suggest to them to move the flyers where they are putting the swings. Put the swings on the flyers platform. Before you all crucify me, I have rarely seen Air Crow actually open. I don't think it will help being in more people unless they start advertising more farther out. I personally work at a tv station about two hours from there and have never ever seen an ad for the park run. I know Holiday World is the major one here, but IB is/was unique and is/was nice also.

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The only "boardwalk" I can think of at the park was the suspension bridge.

IB Crow answered it, it is the small sections of boards in the concrete at random spots. They are being replaced with new boards. Not a big deal.

This is what I am talking about.

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Oh, ok, in that case, I'd rather they just pave over them, haha. As for moving the swings where the flyers are, I couldn't agree more. I don't remember the last time I was able to ride the flyers there. And James Whitmore, I believe that is where they are going to be moving those rides :)

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I was under the impression that the reson the Flyers were down so much was because of wind conditions.

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Man, that kinda sucks, as the rides they are removing are some of the best rides there. Actually, I think they are the only good rides there, minus the coasters.

So, if they are removing these rides, what are they doing with them? Are they going to be open this summer? I don't have any interest in zip lines and all of that stuff, because you know it is just going to be another thing that they charge extra for. And, probably not cheap.

I haven't been to the park since the prices almost doubled on everything when the new management took over. The loss of three rides will make me think seriously about NOT going.

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The park wont be losing the rides just moving them to the area between Hoosier Hurricane, the Log Flume, and Steel Hawg from what I understand. When they first announced the Adventure Point that is honestly where I envisioned that going.

That is also where I envisioned it going. To me, they could change some rides up and still keep the water swings over water, but probably won't happen.

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Another change this year will be parking. It will all be paid ranging from five dollars to ten. They are bring back the admission cost if you don't buy a pop band, have a season pass, or have a card that locals can get. It is five dollars. They said they are bringing it back to get rid of "unwanted traffic".

Also, Adventure Point is due to open June 10th at this point. Cost will be 50 dollars outright. You can buy a pop band/AP all day use for 60 though.

Also, both putt putt courses are gone now. The south one will be the location for a tower for AP. The north one is cabana's you can rent.

I think two visits this year will be enough for me.

I seen an opening day video and Cornball and Lost Coaster were closed along with all the moved things (swings were not even near ready, Musik Express was in pieces, and the other ride was still in pieces).

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I was thinking of heading there this weekend. After hearing all that stuff isn't open yet, I'm glad I'm waiting until later in the summer, especially since Lost Coaster was closed during my only previous visit.

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After the inexcusable operations last year
(such as busy august saturday nights with lines stretching across midways yet they had 1 train on both cornball and hurricane every time? With no lines at all the coasters all had waits because dispatch took up to 15 minutes sometimes which is no exaggeration as I timed it a few times there on dead days)
I have no desire to visit this park before moving back east this summer. I guess I got there before they started removing some of what made this place unique. Too bad the park has potential but for what you pay its completely outrageous as nothing must go into training anyone working at the park.

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