Indiana beach questions....2009 operations

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I am curious as to what kind of updates have been done to the Facilites at Indiana beach. I know that they have made some changes in the overall appearance of the park, and, the addtion of SteeL Hawg is certainly awesome. But, what about the little things, like Clean restrooms, and, locker facilities?

I went a few years back when the Cornball Express opened. I did not feel that the restrooms at the park were decent. And, the changing rooms at the waterpark seemed as though they had not been updated in decades. The changing area in the mens lockers reminded me of something you would find outdoors at a county fair, wooden walls, and doors that seemed more like something you would find in a barn. And, it was so cramped in there, it was hard just moving around. And the showers pretty much sucked, cold water, and no water pressure. How do you get a locker now anuways. It has been so long since I have been there I forget.

I certainly enjoy myself there. It's a nice little park, with lots of unique attractions, and classic ones. I never miss the walk-through haunted house, but have yet to ride Lost Coaster or Steel Hawg. Very tempted to go there this year. Might go in late august.

Any comments?

I haven't been yet in 09, but what I've heard is they've continued making more upgrades and modernizations (continuing from last season)...but I bet some of the restrooms are the same old style, although I sort of remember (stocked!) Purell dispensers, which is a huge plus in my book! If I remember right, the ones by the ferris wheel were newer.

I have no idea about the waterpark since I've never been, but there are tons of lockers in general.

Last thing I'll say about IB...honestly, my visit in Sept 08 was one of my favorite park visits of any place I went last year, which was just about every big non O-town park you can think of. That said, I would never go when it's busy or even average, so choose your day wisely.

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