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Friday, April 22, 2005 10:24 PM
I am planning on making it to Indiana Beach sometime this summer and have a few questions. It's a no brainer that I plan to hit all the coasters they have, but are there any other rides worth chasing?

Which session is the best time to go, daytime or evening?

Lastly, is there any hotel anybody could suggest around the Beach, or would it be better to head back toward Indianapolis?

Answers to these ?'s, and any other info. would be great. Thanks!

Friday, April 22, 2005 11:00 PM
Best time to go is at night. If you go on a Friday/Saturday night, and the crowds warrant it, the park may stay open half an hour or an hour later.

The Beach has many accomodations on site; there are B&Bs and resorts in the area. You can look up Monticello Chamber of Commerce for accomodations info.

Don't miss:

The Den of Lost Thieves

Double Shot... small but mighty!

Frankenstein's Castle (walk through); it's an additional cost but worth it. Take your time going through.

The rides over the water... which are most.

Friday, April 22, 2005 11:07 PM
Don't miss the Chance Falling Star. They ran it a bit faster than other parks do when I was there.

Here is a IB tip: They have this silly rule that says you can't wait for your seat if there are open seats. On Cornball that is a big deal because the first and last seats are world class. The station is high off the ground and you are directly under it when you start going up the stairs. If they are sending trains less than full, rather than risking getting stuck in 3.forceless, wait under the station while they load the train. You can see the gates close, the train roll out, and then go get the front seat. I got tons of front seat rides that way last time I went. Normally I would not play silly games to bend the rules, but that is a silly rule so...

Saturday, April 23, 2005 12:59 AM
IB has the large "Boardwalk Gift" shop near the main entrance which is worth ducking into. If you collect park merch, you're going to love (or hate) the wallet sucking sound of this store. This shop probably has more collectible park stuff than I've ever seen at any other park. I wish I'd bought that bobblehead IB crow!

I got an all day ride pass last summer. It gave me plenty of time to walk around, relax, and soak up the vibe. Definitely check out Den of Lost Thieves. Ride the chair lift as you can practically stick your foot out and touch LoCoSuMo. Also, the antique cars intertwine with LoCo. Ride the Ferris wheel and hope that Hoosier Hurricane goes through the back turn while you're on it. Don't forget to ride the Shafer Queen paddle-wheeler for some amazing views of the park from Lake Shafer.

I camped at the IB camp resort so I can't help you out with any hotel info.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 1:07 AM
To miss at Indiana Beach: Uh.....nothing.

Not to miss: The submarine ride (extra cost, but hilarious!) Frankenstein's Castle (extra cost, but well worth it). Walking the strip, don't be so concerned with plowing through the coasters, when the atmostphere of a wonderful park is in front of you. The Water ski show. The Lazy River, if you stay all day. Tacos. Night time on the strip.

We are staying in their cottages, but just give them a ring, they will take care of you.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 2:13 AM
Do not miss playing fascination! It is the best Amusement park type game I have ever played. Quite addicting. I play for hours every time I visit Indiana Beach.

Why did Cedar Point ever get rid of thier fascination parlor?

Anyway, Indiana Beach is one of the best "small" parks I have ever visited. I love how all the rides intertwine with each other as well as the buildings.

Oh yeah, The ski show is kind of cool to watch too.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 8:27 AM
IB? Heck, all the rides rock. The Dogems are better than average, The Yo-yo is fantastic, The paratrooper rocks,

Don't miss Frankensteins castle, one of the best walk through haunted houses there is.

I'd get a all day pass 1/2 off with any coaster club card and enjoy the park at your leisure.

If your hungry the park has a excellent restaurant and several excellent snack shops.

Don't expect PKI or CP but a nice old fashioned amusement park and you will have a blast.

Chuck, who preffers parks like IB over many a big park.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 9:41 AM
Be sure and try to ride LoCoSuMo in one of the backward-facing seats. The ride is much more disorienting and better IMO that way. The swings out over the water is a blast and don't forget Air Crow (flyers). :)

IB is definitely a park worth spending extra time at to take in all the charm and not just ride the coasters. Try and catch a concert up in the lounge. Stay at the campground and take the ferry to the park (really cool way to get there). Check out the water park. Don't rush it. Have fun!

Saturday, April 23, 2005 9:44 AM

Woody said:
To miss at Indiana Beach: Uh.....nothing.


Saturday, April 23, 2005 9:48 AM
Oh yeah, The oversized swings that spin out amost over the water are great too!
Saturday, April 23, 2005 9:50 AM
"I'd get a all day pass 1/2 off with any coaster club card and enjoy the park at your leisure."

When I was there they told me it had to be an ACE card and that I could not use my C-Buzz card.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 11:04 AM
They have some of the best taffy I've ever had by the way...
Saturday, April 23, 2005 1:14 PM
...and great corn dogs too!
Saturday, April 23, 2005 3:51 PM

James K said:
Do not miss playing fascination! It is the best Amusement park type game I have ever played. Quite addicting. I play for hours every time I visit Indiana Beach.

Fascination is the amusement park game equivalent of crack.

"Here, come on in and play. It's just a quarter a game."

Next thing you know, you haven't slept for four days and you've blown your next 4 paychecks and you're thinking of robbing someone to play a few more games. :)

Yeah, any park that still offers Fascination is a winner.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 10:10 PM
I was going to post a question regarding IB in a few weeks, but this seems like an opportune time.

Now I've been there a couple of times and absolutely love the place. But I passed on Frankenstein's Castle. I don't plan on making that mistake again as I'm hitting Da Beach in early June.

I know that there is a certain place in the castle where if you go to a specific point and look in a specific direction that there is good 'gag' that is easily missed. Please elighten me on this, as I don't want to miss out anymore and then I can talk about Frankenstein's Castle with little ;) guys. I just did, but you know what I mean. *** Edited 4/24/2005 2:14:40 AM UTC by Incidentalist***

Sunday, April 24, 2005 8:25 AM
There are many gags in the Castle... not sure which one you're talking about. But here are some tips to make your visit memorable:

If there are several guests in the elevator on the start of your jaunt, hang back and let them go ahead of you as not to spoil surprises. Take your time... 10-15 minutes is the norm.

Don't feed the rats. Unlike the bugle mouth bass, they're on a restricted diet.

Try all the doors in the door room.

On the third floor you will come to the Castle's turret. The Monster Band plays continuous shows. See if you can spot the lead singer.


Sunday, April 24, 2005 10:22 AM
Best shot ride anywhere, they CRANK the pressure on that sucka! :)
Sunday, April 24, 2005 12:26 PM
When in the Castle, make sure you stop and watch the first gag on your right and the one right after it on the left. They're hilarious.
Sunday, April 24, 2005 12:35 PM
l. If you're into photography, the following offer great perspectives for good shots:
a. The Giant Wheel.
b. The Swinging Bridge over to the bed and breakfasts.
c. The paddleboat (Shafer Queen) out on the lake.
d. The chairlift.
e. The pedal boats out on the bay (back by the flying scooters, under the roller coasters)

2. The Sky Room is the best amusement park restaurant in the country, except for the specialty restaurants at Disney World. Request a table along the window looking straight down the midway with the Giant Wheel in the distance.

3. The paratrooper is geared higher and gives you an extra lift on the upcycle.

4. The tiltawhirl floor is angled five degrees sharper which adds more spin and more G through the bottom of the circle.

5. The post industrial scenery of the turnpike is unlike the usual pastoral effect of these rides. It also gives you good photo ops of LoCoSuMo.

6. The Giant Wheel is one of the three best Ferris Wheels in the Midwest and 10 best in the country.

7. We're ambivalent on the IB Dodgems. The cars are great -- quickest we've seen -- but the floor is half sized.

8. On Lodging :

a. We highly recommend The Black Dog Bed and Breakfast, across the Swinging Bridge from the Giant Wheel. The accomodations and breakfast are outstanding, and from your back patio you have excellent views of the coasters.

b. If you want to stay inside the park, the rooms are 1930s, quite small with tiny bathrooms and showers, but are right under the coasters and across the sidewalk from the Sky Room.

You'll need advance reservations. Call RIGHT NOW for weekends all season, and a few weeks ahead for weeknights. *** Edited 4/24/2005 4:40:10 PM UTC by Trekker Park***

Monday, April 25, 2005 9:10 AM
Admission to IB first session....$19.50

Large SAHsage at south end of strip...$3.00

Two Nights in the Penthouse Suite overlooking IB... $420

Gonchar's explanation of Fascination at IB... PRICELESS!

Woody~ Who is still cracking up and wiping tears. *** Edited 4/25/2005 1:10:53 PM UTC by Woody***


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