Indiana Beach Chaos

Is this ride closed for good? Other sites have no information of this ride not being there. You can still find it on on the Indiana Beach site if you go on the pop page, but yet you can't find it in the list of Pop rides.

I think they are taking it down next year, but that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking if you went maybe this year, and have seen that ride still up.

I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was operating.
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As of this past weekend all the cars had been removed and the arms folded up onto the base for it's removal. A sign states to "look for something new in 2008."

Chaos @ IB is history.

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Given the event coming up at IB, and the attendess, I suspect there will be LOTS of chaos there....lower-case chaos, though... ;)

CP still has'd be cool if someone else could design a similar ride with fewer *issues*....

It was chaos on my visit. I never saw an amusement park so busy. As neat as IB is, it doesn't handle crowds very well.
I don't think the narrow midways were designed to handle those kinds of crowds. They're a blessing and a curse- they give the place its intimate feel but they're terrible for dealing with large numbers of people.
Thanks for the information. Just to make sure (if anyone knows), is it still operating at Cedar Point? *** Edited 8/2/2007 3:18:03 PM UTC by Spinout***
Cedar Fair still operates their Chance Chaos rides at Cedar Point and Valleyfair that I know of.
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Apparently Clementon's is still running as well...

For a ride named Chaos, they certainly have made orderly exits from the parks... ;)

The Chaos at Cedar Point got moved across from Wicked Twister when Top Thrill Dragster was being built. The Troika, which was next to the Chaos, got moved behind MaxAir, or at the base of the 12E of Disaster Transport.

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