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Indiana Beach has started a blog. Both the homepage and the blog have some subtle hints that something new may be coming for 2008. I highly doubt we will see a major attraction, but we could get a nice new flat to go in the place of Chaos.

Nevertheless, the blog looks like it will have all sorts of information, and fun facts once it gets going.

Heres the link:

Josh M.

It would have to be rather small to take the place of Chaos, like a Power Surge, or maybe a Disk'o. One thing if for sure, there isn't much room to build anything at IB! No wonder they've had to stack some rides on top of each other.
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Indiana Beach is no Cedar has more room than you think ;)
That was just based on my two-hour stay at the park. Do they own property beyond the drop towers? That's the only way I could see them bringing in some of the bigger parts for rides.
The whole north end of the park by the double shot has been approved to build on.

Room, thats not a problem. The problem is designing things to fit the room you have :)
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I took this picture in 2006 from the IB Skyride. You can see Chaos is pretty tightly packed in its spot.

But never doubt IB when it comes to installing rides in cramped quarters. When in doubt, just put something on top of an existing building- such as Giant Wheel and Tig'rr. I mean, who'd have thought that the relatively tiny IB Funway Pier would contain FIVE roller coasters and a flat ride collection that is better than HW's?

Ray P.

If Chaos is going, can they bring back the Twister? That ride just made Indiana Beach for me - the operators used to make sure every single car got its minute or so of insane spin, and they'd let you ride with the front seat empty to maximize it. What a classic. They ripped that out to put the Chaos in, what, 11 years ago? But I guess it was too long a line and too much vomit to clean up.

I did hear somewhere that IB is getting something kinda big and never seen before, but I have no idea what it is. And I wonder if it'll even fit in that tiny Chaos spot. It could be somewhere else.

Good memories, Seahawk! The Twister was a classic at IB and it took some skill to run a good ride. The Beach took it out for various reasons and with much regret. Actually, the current Tilt replaced Twister. Chaos was preceded by a Trabant which was preceded by the Spider. *** Edited 10/20/2007 12:10:49 AM UTC by IB*Dave***
sorry, I was off a little bit. But it wasn't THAT long ago. So Dave, what do YOU know about next year?
I know of nothing definite, Seahawk. All I heard this summer were some possibilities.
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Sorry if this has all been discussed before. But, it's been a few years since I've been to IB. I didn't realize they took out Chaos. Was that back when all the Chaos rides started going away or was this more recent? Also, does anyone know what hapened to it?
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The ride went "down" near the end of the summer and that was enough for the Beach. It was dismantled almost immediately. I do not know what happened to it.
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I guess I should have read the blog before I posted my question. :) Chaos is one of my favorite flats and I ride them when ever I get the chance for this very reason.

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Many of IB's rides are built over water also.

I certainly think they will try to replace the Chaos with something as equally exciting and obviously with something of equal size.

A couple of us mourned the loss of the Chaos at the Indiana Beach Club message board a few months ago when we noticed it was being dismantled.

The Chance Chaos is 70 feet wide, and it did not take up all that space. I did some research and there are a few interesting rides that could fit in that spot. Huss Booster is about 72 feet wide, but I doubt they go for it. If my calculations are right and if Moser Rides dimensions are correct its a possibility they could also fit a Blade Wing. I have yet to hear of it being installed anywhere and its crazy, borderline insane. Check out the video at

Mind you, even a tiny difference, such as that between 0 and 0.000126, can make a world of difference.
There are a few rides I would like them to get in that spot. They would be a Chance Wipeout, a Tivoli Spin Out, or a Zamperla Power Surge. They are all round rides that should fit.
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Seahawk & the Wave said:
I did hear somewhere that IB is getting something kinda big and never seen before, but I have no idea what it is. And I wonder if it'll even fit in that tiny Chaos spot. It could be somewhere else.

Could this mean a Motocoaster?

If so, that would rock!

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Hexentanz (Tumbler) or a Reverchon Explorer (Hang Ten)!! :)

AV Matt
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While everybody's putting up their wish list, here's mine:

a. A Moser Sidewinder...over the water

b. A Shwarzkopf Double Loop... love those trains!

c. A junior woodie...something for the little ones since the Galaxi height was upped some years ago.

d. A great mouse coaster... tho I fear one of the other steelies would be lost.

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Well if we include coasters, I think an Anton Shuttle loop out on the water would be bitchin'.

Also, a Skyscraper (straps/no OTSR's) over the water would be wicked awesome.

AV Matt
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