Indiana Beach announces 2014 rides, including a roller coaster for kids

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Indiana Beach has announced Dragon Wagon, a kid coaster with 60 feet of track. It also announced three other rides, including a Rock-n-Tug, for 2014.

Read more from the official Indiana Beach Facebook page.

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Clearly I should've predicted this.

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It's like your lottery number came up the one night you forgot to play.


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If IB needed a kiddie coaster...

I do have a naming suggestion for the Rockin' Tug: Shafer Princess!

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Well, I guess I won't be stopping at Indiana beach on my trip to Kings Island. 4 lame carnival rides, will most likely come with an increase in prices, that will pay for the rides in a month.

You can find all the rides they mention at any traveling carnival, or county fair. But, I guess it's better than what a certain other park is adding for 2014, which is nothing but a price increase.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Oh, crap. My head just blew up.

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rollergator said:

I do have a naming suggestion for the Rockin' Tug: Shafer Princess!

A better name for a "rocking tug": "Tyler Boes"

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Reading happy posts... reading funny posts... happy... funny...

SLAM! Hit a brick wall of negativity. Blinks and vigorously shakes head back and forth a few times. Realizes post was from TR, about MA. Rolls eyes... proceeds down page.

Hilarious post... funny post...

You'd think the fact the park is even deciding to open next year would be a positive enough for people, nonetheless new rides. /perspective

They should theme the Rockin Tug to look like that thing that carries the 'boat people' from the campground to the park.

But more realistically, the theming we should expect will include a skirt around the base to hide the trailer.

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There is also a press release saying that the Galaxie is being removed. I'll find the press release and post it.

From the IB Facebook page:

nnounces the addition of four ‘funtastic’ rides for the 2014 season. The Baby Baron, Growler, Dragon Wagon and Rockin’ Tug are just the first of several upgrades planned this year.

Each of the new attractions was acquired with children and families in mind. The Baby Baron allows little ones to soar over Kiddyland, controlling their own bi-plane that rises and falls at the driver’s command. Also in Kiddyland, Dragon Wagon, offers an exciting ride for children seeking the thrill of their first roller coaster. Kids will get a rush while riding up and over hills and swerving around corners.

Families can take classic tea cups to the next level on the Growler. Four people will spin at a 20-degree angle, 7-1/2’ feet in the air, while the entire ride twists and turns. And finally, everyone can cruise on Rockin’ Tug, a small boat that gently spins, dips and peaks on ocean swells.
“We are excited to introduce these new attractions in 2014,” stated Bob Gallagher, Park President. “They add something fresh and fun for the families who visit year after year, and we hope they will be a draw for others considering a family vacation to Indiana Beach.”

“We also have to announce that after 42 years of thrilling guests from across the country, the Galaxi, our park’s first major steel coaster, is being retired. Fans and thrill-seekers can rest assured that plans are underway for a new thrill coming in 2015.” Mr. Gallagher further hinted, “There’s still more in store for 2014, be sure to watch for funtastic additional news.”

Indiana Beach will open for the season on May 10, 2014. Season passes are now available with exclusive perks for pass holders. To learn more, call (574)583-4141, or

Indiana Beach is located in Monticello, Indiana, on Lake Shafer. The amusement resort, founded in 1926, features a Boardwalk Funway, five coasters, 32 rides, a one-of-a-kind zipline, aerial ropes, Kiddyland, a sightseeing paddlewheel boat, campgrounds, rental accommodations and a hotel. Adjacent to the park, Ideal Beach includes the original swimming area with sand beach, enhanced by a water park including six slides, a spray-ground and the Action River.

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My Beautiful wife, Julia, is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

I don't think there are too many Galaxies out there anymore, (Zyklon is the portable steel coaster we see most often these days), but of all the ones I've ridden I thought IB's was by far the best. It ran with two cars in a train and there wasn't a lot of brake action to slow it down. A ride in the back seat was pretty thrilling, actually.

I heard or read somewhere that removal had been considered for last season, but the the water slides and pools that had been built up and around the coaster in the meantime presented a challenge. They must've figured it out. If Galaxi is indeed in its forties, they're probably just cutting it down for scrap metal.

This is a shame. Now, if they could please just leave Tig'rr alone I'd appreciate it. It's a Jet Star, also a fun little ride, which is growing increasingly rare as well.

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My take: people have gotten pretty concerned about the owner's commitment to the property. Many question whether said owner even understands that one can't run an amusement park like a carnival. Owner sagely responds by dumping four carnival rides on the park...

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Ensign Smith said:

Owner sagely responds by dumping four carnival rides on the park...

With great vengeance and furious anger.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

I'm not sure when "Spring" arrives in Indiana, but the Dragon Wagon was still under construction today.

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Spring hopes eternal.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

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A Dragon Wagon is like a fine scotch. It takes time to mature properly. You can't rush art.

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