Indiana Beach and 6 Flags Great America, October 13th and 14th

So, thinking I was going to keep my Gold Pass for 6 Flags Great America, I figured I'd get it processed before the cut off which would have allowed me to get free parking at all 6 Flags next year.
Anyways, got to Indiana Beach just as they cut the line off for Lost Coaster... Fortunately, they needed a single rider, so I got to get in line. Funny coaster is all I can say. Mine Ride meets crazy mouse about sums it up.
So, after that, only Cornball Express was running. Steel Hawg, was down for the night and Hoosier Hurricane was down for a temporary maintenance issue.
After riding Cornball with very few passengers a month ago, I have to say it's a much better ride full of people. This says a lot coming from me because I LOVE this ride. Ended up riding it so many times in an hour that I had to force myself to stop. HH had started running, so I got in a couple of laps on it and left.
Turns out that APEX, the company that owns IB is taking this 3 year period to do major retracking of the 3 wooden coasters they have. This makes me even happier about spending the $42 for their 18/19 season pass which includes premium parking.
I am really glad we took the time to give this park a chance because I really enjoy.
On Sunday, I got to SFGA early enough to get front row parking. I took my season pass voucher to customer service where they happily gave me a refund to allow me to upgrade to the Diamond Elite membership.
Anyways, I walked back to Goliath which is awesome and got on the 2nd train of the day... I should have gotten in line for it, again, right away, but didn't. Instead, I went to the gift shop and used my 50% Diamond Elite discount to add a tiger onesie to my other cow onesie I purchased there last fall. Ended up getting it for $15. The same ones available online only in smaller sizes go for $50. Burning Man is all you need to know.
Anyways, I left there and got my new cup for members. I love how 6 Flags doesn't bother scanning the yearly or member cups... Only the daily ones. Too bad that other chain is so anal about counting EVERYTHING.
I then took my onesie and member cup to the car and grabbed my 2018 cup. I don't care if it gets stolen...
A little tip for those who add the membership with food who already have a 2018 food pass with food. You qualify for all meals and snacks that each plan on both passes offer. The thing you need to do is enter the park with each of your passes. If you don't, only the pass you entered with will work. So, I reentered the park with my 2018 season pass. This would be very beneficial if I had had someone with me.
Anyways, the park ended up getting busier as the day went on which would usually be odd for Cedar Point, but seemed extremely odd for SFGA, but, they were open until 10pm and they were starting the haunts at 6 and there were long lines of people buying the wrist bands for them.
The only other ride I got in was on Viper. I really like this coaster. I am just amazed that the park designed it and it's so fun.
I ended up eating more food and walked a couple of laps. I left at 6:.30.
I am really glad on days like this, that I have season passes and went by myself. Even with getting only 2 rides in, I really had a great time.
Love both of these parks. Adding Michigan's Adventure on the Saturday morning before Indiana Beach seems like it would be worthwhile next summer.

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