Indiana Beach 8/7/08

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On Thursday I had the oppertunity to get to Indiana Beach for the first time. I couldnt believe how easy it was to get to from Central IL, for a park so close to my its incredible it took me this long to visit! In any event, we arrived at 11:30 and my brother and I purchased the buy one get one free combo pass. 33 bucks for 2 people to ride all day? Not bad I would say. Overall I enjoyed the park very much, and the crowds were light. Longest wait of the day was 25 minutes for Lost Coaster, but that is only due to 1 train operation. This was a unique coaster if nothing else, although I think I wouldve prefered it going forwards.

I was really looking forward to Frakienstiens Castle as I love dark rides of all kinds, and I must say it didnt dissapoint. Well worth the 3.50, although I think I still like Kennywood's Noahs Ark more as a walk through attraction. Got on Cornball Express, and this was a surprisingly fun ride. Short, but it packs a nice little punch. Hoosier Hurricane was also very good, nice and scenic, im not sure which I prefer more actually, both are great rides. While in the line for Cornball I think it was, we saw Tig'rr testing, and a maintenence worker was riding and it stalled just after the lift at the top, he tried to rock it back and forth to get it to move, and eventually had to get out. I figured this wasnt a good sign, but it did open up later in the day, and was fun little coaster, reminded me of Whizzer at SFGAM.

Steel Hawg at least looked like nothing else out there, but would it be fun? Thankfully it was. 2 train operation, with a 20 minute or so wait. Hopefully they will get more trains operating, im sure this line will get LONG at times with only 2 trains operating. I really enjoyed this ride, the lift hill is amazingly fast, and the ride just has some unique elements. I especially love that part where it corkscrews into a dive, and you hang upside down for a few seconds.

I was pleased to see Galaxi was now operating, and this was another decent coaster. I got on all 6 coasters at IB! I wasnt sure if this would be possible after hearing some reports on the park recently, but looks like I got lucky. As for the other rides, Double shot was closed, but we got a ride on Den of Lost Thieves. I liked this, especially the elevation changes. A lot of the effects didnt seem to be working though. I really perfer the old traditional dark rides, which you really dont see anymore. Why did this necessairly have to be a shoot em up? Why not make it darker and scarier instead? All parks seem to be putting in these interactive dark rides and im just not overly impressed by any of them. Also got on their swings, which were probablly the best ive ever been on. Overall we had a great day, I've noticed complaints about 1 train operation and stuff, but on the day I was there, there was really no need for 2 trains on anything except maybe Lost Coaster. Its amazing how much they pack into such a small plot of land. We left the park before 5, as we had to get on the road towards Holiday World, part 2 of our trip, which I will have a report up for soon. Thanks for reading!

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I'm glad they got all the coasters running that day even if they were late getting them open. I believe things will improve with operations around there in time.

Tig'rr was built by the same guy who designed Whizzer. It uses single row seating and goes into banked turns at the bottom of the first hill. That's probably why it reminded you of Whizzer.

Don't forget that IB will be open though October this year and I beleive the buy one get on deal will be all year long. Also, if you camp or stay in the hotel you receive 2 passes for each nights stay. Just a little plug there for IB.

Sounds like a fun park. Did you feel fairly safe on Steel Hawg? I mean, I understand that the appearance of a coaster is supposed to be somewhat scary appearing to give you that psychological jolt, but the coaster looks kind of...puny or something. Wild Mice give me the same apprehension, like they just look like something that would be unsafe and fall apart.

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Yea, I felt totally safe, I think in large part due to the restraints. And the fact that its almost completley quiet when its going through the course. But, I cant say that wild mouse coasters ever really scared me...although I can see what you mean, with the sharp hairpin turns and all...

The Millenium Force ride Ops: Squishing you where it counts since 2000. Track Record: 89 coasters
Yeah, and the flat, not FLAT track, but with no other support. Like Intamin trains have the block track, so they look more substantial. I can't exactly figure out how to word it, but I'm hoping I'm getting the basic idea through. I'd still ride Steel Hawg in a heartbeat though. Looks really unique.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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