Indiana Beach 7/12/04

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I had never been to IB before, even though it is the closest park to me. We left around 8 and got there around 10:30. To my surprise it was not busy at all, and I was hoping it would remain that for the rest of the day, and it did. Here are the bigger rides I went on.

Lost Coaster-3 (6/10)
Fun ride. Has lots of sharp turns. Wish I could have lost my stomach.

Cornball Express-10 (9/10)
Great ride, lots of air and sometime you get a splash from the log flume when you're going down the drop!

Hoosier Hurricane-8 (8/10)
Fun ride, first drop is good, but some of those turns really throw ya around!

Tig'rr Coaster- 6 ((7/10)
Nice ride, great drop and great turns. I just think they should put seatbelts on it like Whizzer for safety reasons.

Double Drop-15 (9/10)
Lots of fun! You really hit your shoulder's on your harness on the second shot!

Chaos-2 ((7/10)
Fun ride, although I didn't flip that much.

Wasn't open and looks like it hadn't been open for awhile. Has this been closed for some time?

Overall is was a nice little park. I just think they should have scenery w/ trees and flowers. Does IB ever get crowded? It's a shame that they don't sell season passes for people that live near by.

Over all trip- (9/10) Lots of fun!

Where do you live coasterfreak?...I live in Mishawaka, IN...and Galaxi was open on 7/5/04 so maybe it broke down just recently.

I am glad you had a fun time.

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

Where would they put any trees?
I live in Central Illinois, near Champaign. I don't know where they would put trees because they don't really have room, I am just saying the park would look better with some scenery.
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I think IB is just fine the way it is, just more coasters is all that is needed. We went the same day coasterfreak. I was wearing my Coasterbuzz shirt. I'm from Park Forest, IL.

My Beautiful wife, Julia, is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Hmm, I didn't see ya. If I would have I would have spoken up! :) I did see someone w/ a MF shirt on. I was wearing a track sectional shirt that said Hendrix on the back of it and I was wearing orange swim trunks.

Every park would look better with more scenery.

coasterfreak11 said:

Tig'rr Coaster- 6 ((7/10)
Nice ride, great drop and great turns. I just think they should put seatbelts on it like Whizzer for safety reasons.

Bite your tongue! :) Parks don't need encouragement from enthusiasts to add more safety devices, they overreact on their own all too frequently. There is nothing unsafe about Tig'rr, it runs just as Anton intended, and it doesn't need seatbelts.

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It runs well, I am just saying for the safety of the park. You could very very easily get out of that. I just think a seatbelt would make it safer for the park.
I could very very easily get out of a seatbelt. If someone ones to hurtthemselves, they will. A seatbelt isn't going to keep anyone in if they want out.

I'm not trying to start a fight, just playing the DA.

I know that, but if something were to happen they could say the ride does has seatbelts and the rider must have taken it off. Rather than having someone jump off and then the public would say it was not safe. Just my opinion.

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