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Finally got a chance to go there this summer after an extended delay with work scheduling becoming a factor.

Anyhow after seeing enough corn to last me a lifetime, me and my family made it to Indiana Beach and Steel Hawg was a welcome sight to be honest.

Parked for 5 dollars and purchased POP wristbands for the day.

We passed by steel hawg as it was still testing, but it looks like this area is an extension to the park, as it seems like old photos/maps of the area had that as just trees in previous years.

We ended up jumping on The Hoosier Hurricane as the only riders, in the front, nice out and back. The trains run well within the track meaning they seem to take the bumps and changes in direction well, too bad the trains appearance outside have seen better days.

Next was the Cornball Express, to say the least for as small as it is, this ride has some wicked airtime, especially on the turns after the first drop. It needs alittle tlc in the beginning of the helix but it is worth its weight in gold, the best ride we had all day. Also rode it three more times.

Then it was Tig'rrr, better than i expected with some nice pacing in the turns and helices.

We then made it back to steel hawg. Interesting layout, and the drop is pretty amazing the transitions in the inversions arent too bad, the only problem is it bangs your legs up a bit at the end, but pretty solid addition to the park. It would be cool to see what kind of layouts Stan and the group he has can come up with, and how well they transition if they do more.

To save time we also did lost coaster of superstition mountain, interesting to say the least. Fransteins castle and den of thieves, nice dark ride attactions, but i give my nod to the sheer fun i had inside of the castle. Lastly had some uneventful rides on the S&S tower, and the galaxi coaster.

Anyway fun times, especially since it was not crowded. Glad to see the fields ended and we got a lake with rides.

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So they charge for parking now? I heard they were doing away with the wristbands too.
Can someone please explain this? The one ride session for 7 hours I get for $23.00. For the other one, it says 2nd day combo pass, and than under it says two ride sessions all day for $49.00. Does that mean you get 2 ride sessions for 2 days, or is that just for one day?

How is it even possible for 3 ride sessions for the 3rd day combo? It's very confusing.

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Rush they dont charge for parking in certain lots, we just chose to park in the 5 dollar lot. We were running late of opening, but there were no lines most of the day. Kids in that area are back in school already.

As for a small solution to the pricing... They are running a promotion with Coke. Buy one single session admission and get one free. I dont know if they are marked cans, but you might just be able to bring one. The woman taking admission told me this, but I had no idea. I dont know if that helps at all Spinout for your situation, but its something that i did find out. I ended up paying 51 for me and another member of my party.

I have one gripe as well, why is it that Frankenstein's castle is extra even with a pay one price wristband, considering it is not a part of the water add on or sky coaster? That confuses me as it could mildly be called a haunted house, where most parks include that in an admission.

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Your right Spinout it is a bit confusing but I am faily certain that the $49 gets you a pass that is good for 2 days in a row.
I might be heading to IB later in September. My plans are for Six Flags Great America, Indiana Beach, and possibly Holiday World.

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