Indiana Beach 5/02/2004

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My first ever trip to Indiana Beach. About a 3 1/2 hour trip down US 24 for me.

My wife and I arrived at the park right at opening (11AM CT). We immediately hit our first ride of the day.

Hoosier Hurricane - We walked right on to this ride and got two consecutive front seat rides. We also came back later on for a couple more walk on rides near the back. This coaster delivers some decent speed and is fairly long. I enjoy the visuals as the ride goes over a bunch of other rides and out over the water as well. It is also very smooth. I liked this ride. It is not a top notch woodie as it does not deliver great speed or air but it is certainly fun.

4/5 stars

Next up was

Cornball Express - Again, walk on to the front seat. We hit a couple more rides on this later as well. Again, really enjoyed this ride. About 5 really good pops of near standing air time in the front. Not the most intense or fast ride but very smooth and good air.

4.5/5 stars

I haven't ridden many woodies but this one is firmly behind Shivering Timbers, Legend, Raven, and Beast for me.

Next up was

Tig'rr Coaster

This ride nearly ended my day at the park. About halfway up the lift hill the seat slammed in to my back and I spent the next 5 minutes or so thinking that my spine had shattered. I can't really tell you much about the rest of the ride as I was in some horrible pain (I have a bad back anyway). I do remember that it seemed very slow.

0/5 Stars for me

Would have been 1/5 if it hadn't broken my back.

Next was

Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountatin

My biggest problem with this ride was the 20 minute wait... as I was in a line of 16 people? They were only loading 4 people per trip as one of the cars filled only with some innertubes and stuff. This was somehwat frustrating. Anyway, the theming was neat and the padding more than makes up for the rides jerkiness. I thought it was a lot of fun... somehow this coaster makes little 10 foot drops seem very exciting. Neat ride, capacity nightmare on a busy day I imagine.

3.5/5 stars

After some disappointing lunch we headed to Den of Thieves. Fun little ride although I still can't beat my wife at any of these shooting rides. I had the lead until near the end and she nailed the last couple gold bags. Anyway, the most fun here was we got stuck on the first hill because the car in front of us was carrying a load well over the 350 lb limit :) The guy had a hard time pushing them up the hill.

We also hit the swings and some other ride that I can't remember the name of. The swings out on the water are pretty cool. Galaxi was closed.

Overall, the day seemed like a trial run for the park as I saw and heard many employees undergoing training and some rides were down temporarily - Den of Thieves - or for the whole day - Galaxi, Falling Star. Neat little park, but I probably won't make this trip again until they add another star attraction. We had to show the person how to hook up her laptop to scan our tickets we printed from the internet. After watching her try to shove the usb cable into the disk drive for 5 minutes we just hooked it up for her.

Oh and for those wondering Air Crow will not open until May 14. The platform for the ride was still being built and part of the ride structure was up but it is not completed yet. *** Edited 5/3/2004 12:33:46 AM UTC by DragonRider*** *** Edited 5/3/2004 12:35:05 AM UTC by DragonRider***

I had hoped to make the trip down today but aftre spending 6 hours on Saturday freezing at SFGAm, we decided to save this trip for a warmer day.

I won't say that I've been disappointed in my early season rides on Cornball, my #1 woodie by the way and I've ridden all the others you mention, but my sweetie performs oh so much better on a hot summer evening when it reaches insane mode. It truly is a wicked little machine.

I have to agree, CE gives great rides on sweaty days and on muggy nights. Also, when Lost Coaster has busy days, the wait is about 20 minutes at full capacity. I have rarely seen it more than that on any of my 3 visits. Great little TR, must live by T-town if it's 3.5 hours down US 24.

There's nothing like a woodie...

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