Indiana Beach- 8/1

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Our last leg of our Chicago vacation ended in Monticello, Indiana. My fiance and I spent 2 full days in Chicago sight seeing Navy Pier, Sears Tower, the Magnificent Mile, The Wendella Boat trip, ESPNZone, Ed Debevik's, Wrigley Field (Where I caught a foul ball behind the plate!!), SFGAm and Field of Dreams in Iowa, too. But, this was the gem that was missing.

We arrived around 2pm Friday and purchased all day water and ride park tickets planning to stay the rest of the day. We walked across the bridge, which I believe is the best entrance in the park and jumped on the sky lift down the midway. After placing our clothes in lockers we rode the 4 coasters at the north end of the boardwalk. I love the Tig'rr being a Jumbo Jet fan of elder CP days. The Hurricane was actually better than we remembered from last summer, but Cornball was insane. My GOD! Can someone build a better coaster in that amount of space? Oh Yeah! They almost did on the other side of the park.....LoCoSuMo.

After some laps, we lounged in the water park, where she sunbathed and I rode the slides like a little kid. I have to give it to these people. How did they fit all of that in one place? The lazy river weaving about the slides. The walkway to the slides is 2 feet from the Galaxie coaster zipping by leaving a brown streak in my shorts once. This is not the most cosmetic park, by all means, but what they do with their cash flow is nothing short of amazing.

After sunning, sliding, and two laps on the lazy river a storm was heading our way, where we decided to have dinner in the Sky Room for only $25. Good food and even a better view down the boardwalk, while patrons scampered around dodging raindrops. After the rain we lapped CE, HH, Tig'rr and LoCoSuMo a few more times. Walked to the bath house, picked up our clothes and took the Chair Lift back to the bridge. What a great view at night!

On the Chair Lift back to the bridge, my fiance told me, "I love this place, it was so much cleaner and friendlier than Six Flags." I realize the lines were shorter than SFGAm, which made her happier, but I couldn't agree more with her. No trash laying about, friendly college and high school kids operating the rides and a beautiful lake view. We have already planned a camping trip next summer in Monticello. What a great day.

There's nothing like a woodie...

"After placing our clothes in lockers we rode the 4 coasters at the north end ..."

Are clothes forbidden on the roller coasters? :)

Ripple Rock Amusement Park
Flying Scooter coming soon!

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Hey, props to Indiana Beach. What a great place. Georgeous, great rides, accomodations right there, boat rides...sign, I wish I could go tonight. It's just a bit difficult living 2151 miles away.

Then again, 100 cups of coffee and 60 hours of driving will get me there and back. ;)
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