Indiana Beach - 5-20-07 (photos)

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Made my first 90 minute drive to Indiana Beach for the summer. Through May 25th they have buy one/get one free on the Ride Packages, so I thought it would be a good time to take the girlfriend, and enjoy a day at the park. My girlfriend doesn't have much coaster experience, and so today's trip was a test... especially since I am taking her for her first real trip to CP in 2 weeks...

The day started out rough. We grabbed the first train of the day on Cornball Express in the front row... I loved the ride, as usual... it seemed to be really flying today and the airtime was blissful. Kelly (my gf) did not agree. She said it was too rough, and she wasn't a fan of this thing I called "airtime". I told her it was just the first ride of the day, and to try again, but she still did not enjoy it. Well we continued to work our way around the park and ride most of the other rides. And eventually she started warming up to things, and by the end of the day, she asked me for one more ride on Cornball... I think I'm in love... with Kelly that is ;) The only ride she hated with a passion was the Double Shot, so I don't think we will be getting on Power Tower in 2 weeks :)

As far as the park itself goes, it was its normal, charming, old-fashioned self. The rides were all running great, and nothing had any noticeable downtime except for Music Express in the morning. Both Cornball and Hoosier Hurricane were running as good as I ever remember, and I even got a small pop of air on Hurricane's second hill. In addition the turnaround on Hurricane was blazing. Cornball is still the clear winner, delivering constant speed, and amazing airtime for a coaster of its size. I rode Air Crow 3 times, and every time felt that if I really tried, I could get them snapping, but thanks to the boldface sign prohibiting it, I kept it to a minimum. The crews were fairly upbeat, and some were even spieling (Flying Bobs). The only downer was that Splash Battle no longer has the targets where you can turn off and on the water effects. According to the ride host, too many people complained about getting wet... Isn't that the point of a water ride?

The lines in the park were non-existent, and no ride that I saw was more than a one train/one cycle wait, other than Rocky's Rapids, Den of Lost Thieves, and LoCoSuMo (which due to the roughness, and my girlfriend's nervousness, we passed on). By 5:30 we had gotten our fair share of rides, and we decided to head back to South Bend. If it had been just me, I would have taken a few more laps on the Cornball Express, but I didn't want to press my luck with the girlfriend. Overall it was a great trip! Here's the ride tally for the day:

Cornball Express: 6
Hoosier Hurricane: 4
Air Crow: 3
Ti'grr: 2
Galaxi: 1
Double Shot: 1
Flying Bobs: 1
Giant Gondola Wheel: 1
Skyride: 1
Splash Battle: 1
Rocky's Rapids: 1
Falling Star: 1
Scrambler: 1
Water Swings: 1
Shafer Queen: 1

Total Hours in Park: 6.5
Total Rides: 26

Photos from the Day:
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Josh M.

My friend an I went to the park as well today. We didn't get there until after 1pm. Left at about 5pm. Cornball and Lost Coaster were new to me. Loved them both! Wanted to ride LC again but was not waiting through the line again. We didn't ride a lot. Hit the woodies a couple times. Walked around, then got something to eat. Bought a couple shirts and then left so we could get home before dark.
I always enjoy IB for what they have. Been one hell of a 3 day weekend!
Thanks for the pictures to go with your report. (One day I have to learn how to do that). I also have to make it to IB one day.

BTW - You make a nice couple.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

That place looks right up my alley in the photos I've seen of it. I would love to go there, but it seems a tad long of a trip from Pittsburgh. Well.... I know there's some die hards on here that would do it without thinking twice.

*Sigh*. That and one day, Holiday World. Maybe when my kid gets tall enough to ride some of the real "biggies" I'll do CP, Kings Island, Holiday World, and Indiana Beach. In kind of a loop.

I am finally getting to go to Knoebels next month! Baby steps here.

Thats one of the beauties of the smaller parks. You can get a lot of rides in in a short period of time without those horrendous waits in line. You also get to ride some things that you wouldnt find at bigger parks or which you would pass up in order to focus on the bigger atttractions.

Arthur Bahl

How's the Chaos holding up? Was it open?
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Chaos was running all day as far as I could tell, however that was one of the rides I couldn't talk my girlfriend into (and I didn't even mention the "incidents")

I don't know if this was new, but I noticed on a few attractions (Falling Star, Scrambler) a sign that said "This ride will run for a half hour only starting at the top of the hour" Despite this, I never noticed them being down for the second half hour...

Were these signs there last year?

Josh M.

Chooch you would love IB and I suggest talking the trip as soon as possible. We replaced SFStl with this park last year and had a blast. There's alot of awesome wood coasters without long lines which provides almost a shore type environment. *** Edited 5/24/2007 8:22:12 PM UTC by OP AWESOME***
No doubt. The place looks beautiful surrounded by all the water, as well as a total blast. :)
IB is amazing. It's the only place where I've ridden a roller coaster where there was no restraints at all. And Cornball Express rules! Good TR.

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I LOVED Tigg'r! But I agree that Cornball is the best coaster in the park. I also really like LCofSM; all that sudden airtime on the sharp drops just make me cling to it. We made a 6 hour drive there, and were NOT dissapointed!
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You're making me anxious to get back there agin. Can't wait for their event in August. We always have a good time at it. Not as many people as Holiwood Nights, but the staff goes out of their way to make it a fun event.
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My only question about the park is.......

How/Where could they squeeze in another coaster? ;)

I wonder how many people from the Chicago area make it to IB. Some might come for a more traditional park experience while others are looking for a park that lacks the long lines and high prices of that megapark in Gurnee.

Arthur Bahl

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