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i know indian beach is busy for the 4th but do u think it will be busy july 15th?
Yes, and yet no at the same time. It looks really busy because the parks not that big and it gets crowded during the summer but they have a lot of rides so the waits never seem too long except for Den of Lost Thieves, Lost Coaster, and most likely Steel Hawg also.
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^What he said. Just go. Don't worry about the crowds, It will be fine.

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ty wabash i been to ib on the 4th once never again.not sure if i will make all coaster i have a 3yr old going with us hates when i ride a ride without him lol. ty again

parks been to six flags gurnee. cp. dolly wood. holiday world. disney fl.uneversal studios fl.bush gardens silver dollar city.cypress gardens.
ty also Acoustic Viscosity i dont let crowds scare me lol but its hard to ride when busy when i got my son hates when i ride with out him lol would be a lot faster with out waiting to long after 20 min he crys and screams poor daddy lol

parks been to six flags gurnee. cp. dolly wood. holiday world. disney fl.uneversal studios fl.bush gardens silver dollar city.cypress gardens.
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Why is it, that the only thing you have capitalized in this whole topic is "Acoustic Viscosity"?

Tell me, I'd like to know.

Just a friendly word of advice, but try taking a stab at using proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. It makes a HUGE difference in how people perceive you... between your posts and website, I would've mistaken you for a 9-year old had you not posted your birth date and wedding pictures. Oh, and your website crashed my computer. Not cool.
i copyed and pasted his name sorry i dont mean to misspell everyone makes mistakes at some point or are u perfect?im sleepy just got back from a long trip to cp with a 3yr old. and wanted to check out whats up on coaster buzz

parks been to six flags gurnee. cp. dolly wood. holiday world. disney fl.uneversal studios fl.bush gardens silver dollar city.cypress gardens.
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lol, I guess my name is the most important thing in his post. :)

Seriously dude, if you have a child with you, it's a different story. I would never shy away from visiting the park myself on any day of the year, but with a youngster in tow, you might want to shoot for a lightly crowded week day. The 15th may be fine, but if you're worried and can wait until August, I'd go then, near the end of the month.

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I was there in the middle of August last summer and it was packed, and HOT! But go whenever you think is best for your family!

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Some folks have already ridden the Hawg, and say it's fun. My understanding is that operations were excruciatingly-slow (hopefully not as bad as the ferris-wheel lift in Myrtle) - but with time that might improve.

P.S. The AV is likely in caps to convey that Matt is freakishly tall. ;)

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And re: the park being packed in August. Yes, the park will be packed until almost the end of the month. Then it will likely be a ghost town in comparison, even on the last Saturday of the month.

But with the new owners came a new operating calendar and based on when Labor Day weekend falls this year, that final weekend may be a busy one.

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Wow, that sounds atrocious. Way to treat your employees like cattle, IB. Why would they take away all the lifeguard stands? That's just idiotic.

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Heaven forbid a life guard who is supposed to be able to be alert not have a place to sit down.

The break room thing sounds like an exaggeration to me, but how would I ever know?

fancyblue1, sorry to be a jerk but try typing like an adult. About the crowds, when I was there three years ago I barely had to wait, but that could have been a slow day. You never ever know how busy a park will be.

^It's no different then the lifeguards who have to watch the slides, lazy river, wavepools, etc. They all stand.

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Seriously, your feet do get used to standing for long periods of time over the course of a summer. I had a summer job where I worked 12 hour shifts in a factory which normally had floors made of concrete (sometimes steel platforms if I was lucky) and for most of those 12 hours, I was standing. I don't feel a whole lot of sorrow for those lifeguards. I'm sure there's a line of people who would love to take their place with a "fun" job at a waterpark compared to, say, working for McD's.
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Lol, exactly. Cry me a river.

Did they get rid of all the chairs or just some? If you think about any wave pool there are usually a few chairs and then a bunch of guards walking around the pool.

Has anyone in this thread actually seen this in person?

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But if the stands exist, why take them away? Does it somehow improve lifeguard response?

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^^ Yes, it does improve lifeguard response by keeping guards alert. Ellis and Associates requires if lifeguards have seats available, that you must sit for 5 mins, then stand for 5 mins. This is to help prevent lifeguards from falling asleep sitting in chairs. I was a water park / beach guard for a few years, you get used to standing and walking all day. It's not that bad. I can see where switching the rules all at once would make people quit though. It was a fun job, much more fun than when I was a guard at a university pool.

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