Incident on the Mad House at WBMW Madrid

Monday, August 15, 2005 1:16 PM
The Vekoma Mad House is present in the US as Houdini's great escape at SFGAdv and SFNE. What happened at WBMW Madrid is that a 23 years old tourist had a panic attack, he forced his way out of the lap bar and then, held on to the wall, which he moved and hit him on the head... and he died.

The park repeated in all communications that yes, they're sorry and offer their sympathies to the family.. but there are signs as well as a live host right before the ride start informing that guests with "nerve ailments"??? are invited to leave the ride at that point.

Then... the family complained saying that the E-stop didn't happen fast enough and that you're not supposed to get out of the restraint.

My take on that is that the park is not to blame... they did everything they could and according to someone who was on the ride at the same time, the E-stop happened as soon as the man got up and the ride took 3 seconds to stop.

Monday, August 15, 2005 1:22 PM
Have to wonder about the legal climate in Madrid....if the same incident occurred in Jersey, or even in Mass., *not even Houdini* could escape the litigation, and resulting settlement....

I feel bad for the man, and his family, but this case is a *poster child* for rider misconduct, with tragic results... :(


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