In Depth Construction Talk for SFWoA

Friday, March 2, 2001 8:22 AM
Well, most people have been wondering exactly what is going on over at SFWoA so I hope this helps:

X-Flight station will run parrallel with Geaugua Lake road (while it still exists).

Geauga Lake road is the road you cross from the parking lot to the entrance. It's suppose to get rerouted (so you don't have to cross it) but no one knows exactly when it will happen.

The lift runs parrallel to 43 and goes away from S:UE. You do a U-turn then dive back down Parrallel to Rt43. And yes it's VERY close to Rt 43!

From where the digging is going on. The new midway/walkway should empty out right between (what use to be) Shamoo's Happy Harbor (aka: that really big net thing at Sea World) and Shark Encounter. At least that's what I get from following the tree markings and digging and construction crews.

Landcaping is a huge priority this year according to the crew since you will now have it all one park and SWO was KNOWN for landscaping so they REALLY have to blend the parks. And Greenhouses are starting to pop up on the premises. I'm assuming for growing the plants.

X-Flight is moving a long VERY fast. I think the biggest and longest part is going to be the station which looks to be the last thing going to be completed.

S:UE seats are made from a diffrent HIGHER durability then most coaster seats.

Anyone else find it funny, that the "Palmtrees" have no tops right now?

The new midway looks like it will run VERY VERY VERY close to RWB non-lake side. It is interesting looking at that looks a lot different.

Grizzlyrun was yes "leaking" but it has always been designed to do that. But YES they are stopping the leaking, but not just because it was leaking. I'm guessing they are going to put maybe a restaraunt or some type of ride, or store right there. It looks to be a GREAT location for any of that. And would fit VERY nicely in that little corner for when the midway st瀀⸀⸀⸀愀渀搀 眀漀甀氀搀 礀漀甀 眀愀渀琀 眀愀琀攀爀 瀀漀甀爀椀渀最 漀瘀攀爀 椀渀琀漀 礀漀甀爀 渀攀眀 猀琀漀爀攀 漀爀 爀椀搀攀㼀 㰀戀爀㸀 㰀戀爀㸀嘀椀氀氀愀椀渀 猀琀椀氀氀 栀愀猀 椀琀✀猀 昀氀愀最猀 甀瀀 眀椀挀栀 䤀 昀椀渀搀 猀琀爀愀渀最攀㼀 䤀 洀攀愀渀 猀甀爀攀 昀氀愀最猀 愀爀攀 挀栀攀愀瀀Ⰰ 戀甀琀 眀栀礀㼀 䤀琀✀猀 愀氀洀漀猀琀 愀猀 椀昀 琀栀攀礀 愀爀攀 猀栀漀眀椀渀最 漀昀昀 昀漀爀 琀栀漀猀攀 眀栀漀 挀漀洀攀 琀漀 琀愀欀攀 瀀椀挀琀甀爀攀猀㼀 㰀戀爀㸀 㰀戀爀㸀匀攀愀圀漀爀氀搀 猀椀搀攀 栀愀猀 愀 氀漀琀 漀昀 瀀攀漀瀀氀攀 椀渀 琀栀攀爀攀 瀀愀爀欀椀渀最 氀漀琀⸀ 䤀琀 氀漀漀欀猀 氀椀欀攀 琀栀攀礀 愀爀攀 爀攀搀漀椀渀最 琀栀攀 椀渀猀椀搀攀 昀椀爀猀琀 ⠀猀椀最渀猀⼀瀀愀椀渀琀⼀攀琀挀⤀ 琀栀攀渀 眀椀氀氀 挀栀愀渀最攀 琀栀攀 漀甀琀猀椀搀攀 猀椀最渀猀 愀琀 琀栀攀 氀愀猀琀 洀椀渀甀琀攀⸀ 䤀 挀漀甀氀搀 栀攀愀爀 愀 氀漀琀 漀昀 栀愀洀洀攀爀椀渀最 愀渀搀 猀愀眀椀渀最 昀爀漀洀 猀琀愀渀搀椀渀最 戀攀栀椀渀搀 䈀攀爀洀甀搀愀 吀爀椀愀渀最氀攀 ⠀琀栀攀爀攀 洀漀琀椀漀渀 猀椀洀甀氀愀琀漀爀⤀⸀ 㰀戀爀㸀 㰀戀爀㸀圀攀氀瀀Ⰰ 䤀 栀漀瀀攀 琀栀愀琀 挀氀攀愀爀猀 甀瀀 愀 氀椀琀琀氀攀 戀椀琀  䔀渀樀漀礀℀ 㰀戀爀㸀 㰀戀爀㸀 㰀戀爀㸀ⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀⴀ 㰀戀爀㸀∀吀栀攀 䘀甀琀甀爀攀 漀昀 刀漀氀氀攀爀 䌀漀愀猀琀攀爀猀∀ 㰀戀爀㸀䴀愀琀琀栀攀眀 䈀愀甀最栀洀愀渀 㰀戀爀㸀䔀ⴀ洀愀椀氀㨀 刀漀氀氀攀爀䌀漀愀猀琀攀爀䜀漀搀䀀愀漀氀⸀挀漀洀
Friday, March 2, 2001 10:05 AM
Great TR. These are the nicest pics I have seen yet. Keep up the good work.
Friday, March 2, 2001 10:34 AM
Matthew Baughman said:

Anyone else find it funny, that the "Palmtrees" have no tops right now?

If you don't mind me asking, what does that mean?

Get ready to fly over Six Flags I mean Six Flags Worlds of Adventure this summer with X-Flight! *** This post was edited by ToddConstantine on 3/2/2001. ***
Friday, March 2, 2001 11:25 AM

About the "palmtrees" (I put them in quotes, because they are fake wanna be palm trees)not having tops...they litterally do not have tops.
The whole waterpark is decked out and themed like a tropical island with all the "palm trees" of course. But for the winter rehab they took off all the leaves to the fake trees. Thus leaving a trunk with little baggy covering where the leaves connect. It looks funny seeing all these tree trunks with little bags over them and no leaves. Strange. :)

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