Improving Six Flags Great Adventure(long)

Friday, June 16, 2000 11:08 AM
SFGadv. is a great park. It is full of many firsts...and although i love this park....there is many ways I think it could be made over.

1. Remove some of the flat rides and replace them with better versions of them. i.e:
1. Spinmeister - Huss Fly Away
2. Looping Space Shuttle - Hawk 48
3. Freefall - Dropzone or a Space Shot

2. Viper is closed down for this year. Hopefully this is for a good reason...either fix it up or get rid of it. The ride is far too rough and gives many people whiplash. From what I've heard new restraints and some reprofiling are supposed to be going on for Viper...we can only hope.

3. Get the Runaway Train outta there. The only good part of this ride is the nice double helix in the beginning, other than that it is lame. The train doesn't take up a lot of space but I think if they took it out, this would be the perfect place to throw in a Drop Zone....or maybe a S+S Space Shot/Turbo Drop pair of towers.

4. Replace Batman with a new B+M inverted design. Batman is a great ride...but it really doesn't provide many thrills anymore because of new and bigger inverts. If Freefall was removed, that would leave space to build and even bigger B+M Inverted. If they don't remove Freefall, than I guess Batman would have to stay because there prob. wouldn't be much room to expand in that area.

5. Remove Scream Machine. I can't stress this one enough. This is right now the most likely plan for Great Adventure. Rumor has it that a Hyper woodie would be moved into it's spot, but I'd rather see a Superman: ROS clone or a Hyper Twister like Raging Bull. A huge out and back hyper like Apollo's Chariot would be great too..i'd love to see it travel over the structure of Rolling Thunder, and make it's turnaround in the area around Viper.....ahh we can only dream.

These are just some of my ideas of what I'd like to happen to Great Adventure...what does everyone else think???
Saturday, June 17, 2000 3:51 AM
I said this awhile ago and it bears repeating for SFGA: Stop bussing in thousands of bussloads from city areas. The folks on these busses get a large group discount or even free tickets, then get to the park and proceed to act as if they are the only ones' there. Loud, rude, abrasive and abusive are several adjectives that fit here. On a summer day, take a look at the back section of parking lot. There are literally 60-80 busses packed with charming derelicts. Line cutting is the norm as well as ear splitting chants on line and defacing walls and line areas. Animals mark their territory, too. "Excuse me" and "thank you" are not words that the bus folks seem to have mastered. Standing on garbage cans with your underwear hiked up to your chin making obnoxious comments to female passersby. I could go on but I've made my point. If you can't drive yourself there and pay your own way in and act like a human being with respect for others, please stay home and spare others the pain of your presence. As far as the park itself, the ride ops are decent, the ride selection is great and the lines generally move quickly. Eliminating busses would only greatly improve things. BTW, 15 years ago, SFGA had a problem with city gangs running around in the park, causing problems for others. After a few good fights and a non publicized stabbing, the next year metal detectors were installed and beer was banned. As usual, a small number of ingrates ruins things for every one else. Many thanks to bussloads of derelicts making their presence known.
Saturday, June 17, 2000 4:30 AM
I totally agree w/ you! MAny of those large city groups always act like they are the only ones there. This goes for many other places too. I work at a local park, and this is the case there too.
Saturday, June 17, 2000 4:06 PM
I too have gained less and less respect for the park over recent years, except my reasons seem to be just the opposite as the ones posted above. I personally really hate the ride selection there. Aside from Medusa, Six Flags Great Adventure has some really poor-quality coasters. Viper, Rolling Thunder, Runaway Train, and Skull Mountain are all really bad coasters. Great American Scream Machine is stilly pretty decent and isn't as rough as many other Arrow coasters, and I still enjoy Batman; The Ride.

As for Batman and Robin, this was a terrible installment for Six Flags Great Adventure. Having these huge shuttle coasters causes humungous lines and small ride capacity. Plus...the ride isn't that good, and it always breaks down!

The problem that Six Flags Great Adventure has is that they really can't remove these coasters. The rides are situated within the park in such a manner that they kind of fit in perfectly with their surroundings. For example, Runaway Train wraps around the chairlift over the water, and Batman and Robin has a layout to fit perfectly in its small stip of land. So what I'm trying to say is that if Six Flags Great Adventure removed some of the rides within the park, they wouldn't be able to replace them with huge new coasters. If the park ever wants to add something huge they'd have to expand to build it. Just look at what they had to do to put Medusa in; they needed to expand the boundaries of the park.
Saturday, June 17, 2000 6:20 PM
Rolling Thunder i personally like, but it is tearing itself apart very rapidly. I think Skull Mountain was such a waste of $$$ and they won't take it out because it takes up almost no space. Chiller is an OK ride, but if they couldn't take it would be cool if they extended the whole thing and instead of making it go backwards..make it drop after the 200 ft. climb and turn both the tracks into continuous circuits, this would also allow for an extra train or two.

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