Impossibly cool photo of a plane taking off looks like a coaster

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C'mon, slightly off topic, but how can any coaster nerd look at this and not think the same thing?

So, to make this a bit more on topic, do you ever see coaster-esque shapes in non-coaster stuff? *** Edited 6/16/2007 1:09:52 AM UTC by matt.***

Nice find.

I think of coaster shapes when I'm in math class graphing (sin) and (cos) curves. Some of them would make a really great ride:)

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I envision coaster hills when I look at a fences that border highways, especially in rolling hilly terrain.
It's the ghost of Hercules.
That is a neat photo.
God I miss Hercules. My first woody back in the day of childhood. Scared me S**tless, but still remember having fun on it.

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