Implosions of 2007

Watch this clip 55 second mark it shows the drop tower at Six Flags Astro world coming down. Wouldn't it be cheaper to take it down by hand then blow it up?


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Perhaps, but taking it down by hand wouldn't have made in on It's called "getting the park publicity."
That was at Six Flags Over Texas. One of the reasons they did it was to avoid bringing a crane into a tight area when the park was still open for weekend operation.
^^Definitely agreed there. Why take something down bit-by-bit and have nobody notice, when you can blow it up (or in) and have everyone watching?

Edit - Like Moosh's practically free publicity...getting your own commercial for the park... *** Edited 12/31/2007 1:29:45 AM UTC by BigJim4Life***

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Seriously, I've been to the park and it's a very tight area and it probably would be cheaper than bringing in a crane and having multiple people working on it for days on end.

Does the park really need any free publicity? Is there anyone in that area of Texas unaware that there's a Six Flags in Arlington? The baseball stadium is also located right there. And need I remind anyone that SFOT is the whole reason that the Six Flags name exists in the first place?

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It reminded people that the park was still open for a few more weekends and that something new was on its way.

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