I'm sorry, but the movie ROLLERCOASTER is awful!!!

2Hostyl said:
The whole thing was rather corny. I dont know if it's just the way I am looking at things having seen much better stuff, but the whole feel to the movie was right along side "Halloween"

Hey!, I thought Halloween was a good movie! :)

For the most part, I hated Rollercoaster. I did enjoy the ride shots, but I just think the plot feels 'empty', like it lacks a strong point. Not to mention the bad acting, which in some scenes it felt like they were just reading the script for the first time. There were also several pointless scenes, like the daughter (Helen Hunt) and the step mom going to Magic Mountain just to be sent home, without even seeing any action.

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Coasterqueen, Is that the one where the robots were going to take the place of the band members?

Yup, Cheesy :)

Charles Nungester.
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Cheesiest movie ever award has to go to Reptillian... I can't believe I even rented it.

Emerging from the ashes of Eric 013...

Just had to say that if you rent a movie with a title like that you should know what your getting into.

I hope they kill that iron yuppie. Thinks he's so big. The great homer simspon

Shaggy you must have meant "The Death of Ocean View Park"
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Lord Gonchar said:
...Clue is another of my all time favorties...

Hey! Don't let those movie elitists get down on you... I happen to love that movie. I even saw it in the theaters when it was new. There were 3 different endings to it depending on which theater you went to. It's a great tongue-in-cheek, subversive comedy. I love it.

(Plus, it had Jane Wiedlin in it, which makes everything better.)

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Okay, what I meant by remade, maybe I should have been more specific, is a completly new movie based on the same general concept created. There's so much that could be done with coasters and other thrillrides in an action / suspense movie, especially today, and one of my big letdowns with the 1977 movie is the fact that so little was done with the rides... And with today's special effects, an incredible movie could be made. I've actually had a general idea for a movie along these lines around for quite some time, no, it wouldn't be 'Rollercoaster 2' by any means... Now that would be a disaster. In fact, any new movie should focus more on thrillrides rather than just coasters. How about a movie called 'Thrillride'? :)

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Does anyone remember the 1996 made for TV movie Thrill?

Now that movie was a complete waste of 2 hours,the plot involved the sale of a certain west coast seaside park that most of us are familiar with,anyhow the storyline was that a mad bomber was loose in the park sabatoging rides such as the coaster,a simulator & a log flume to try to prevent the park from being sold,the acting in the film was so poor & the storyline so weak it was pathetic & a complete waste of time watching.

It's as if the producers must've seen Rollercoaster & tried to borrow it's storyline with less than positive results,BTW about that one Pittsburgh scene inRollercoaster I knew that was filmed at PKD,I'd recognize the rainbow arch that was in the former Hanna Barbara land (now kidzville) section anywhere.

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I know that there was some kind of movie dubbed 'Rollercoaster' along different lines than the original, but it was made in 1999 and I don't think it was for TV either.

Or are you reffering to the TV movie 'Thrill'?

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Yeah,that's the one I'm reffering to.

Den said:

I could never dis a decade that gave us "Holy Grail" and "Life of Brian." ;)

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Life of brian sucked, there was only one good part. Aherm.... Biggus Dickus.
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I only saw a bit of the movie. The part I saw was when the man blew up the part of track, and the train flew off. I watched for like 5 minutes for one reason, I was laughing histerically. Watching the train land upside down, people go splat, and bad effects, made me blow up in laughter. It was excellent. After that it didn't catch my attention, and changed that channel.

Rollercoaster isn't a bad movie, its made for LAUGHS!

Batwing SFA Fan, Thrill kept my attention, but Rollercoaster did not. I'm not saying Thrill was interesting, but I semi-enjoyed it for a lazy Saturday.

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If I'm not mistaken wasn't "Rollercoaster" one of the 1st movies to use that surround sound (or what ever it was called) thing?
This movie was on TV last month and my boyfriend wasn't surprised at all by the fact that I could name every coaster and which park they were at, and even came here to CB to prove it to him! The movie was definitely cheesy but typical for it's time!
Got to agree with some here-Coney Island rocks! Cyclone being my 1st coaster along with Jumbo Jets. Many a nights were spent hanging in Brooklyn at CI! Ahhh....the memories! ;)

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"Earthquake" was the first movie to feature "Sensurround", after that came "Rollercoaster". It seemed that this "fad" was over soon after.

Removing a few rows of seats and replacing them with monstrous low-frequency speakers was eventually a little bit too expensive for theatres.

In europe the "Battlestar Galactica" pilot film was released in theatres to cash in on Star Wars. Maybe because it was made for TV, they decided to add the "sensurround" gimmick. (and it made more money than Rollercoaster).

Can somebody remember if this version was shown in cinemas in the US?

I loved Sensurround and always hoped itwould be combined with 3-D.

How many other movies are about roller coasters? This movie was made before most of you were born. This movie is what started ACE and made roller coasters popular. I think if this movie was filmed at Cedar point you would say it's great.
Edge of Seventeen had segments filmed at Cedar Point, but I've never even heard a mention of it on this site. Maybe it was just too small for anyone else to notice.


There is a very little-known movie called "Fresh Horses" that was filmed in and around Cincinnati. It has scenes at Americana and at KI's old Winterfest. I believe the characters even walk the tracks of Screechin' Eagle.
A day is a drop of water in the ocean of eternity. A week is seven drops.
Awful? Well, that might be a bit harsh. The Flintstones was awful.

I think it is funny how a 15 year old reacts to a movie of that genre. I wonder if coastergoose has watched some of the other disaster movies pointed out by 2Hostyl like Earthquake, etc.

You know the top grossing film of 1987, the year coastergoose was born? It was Three Men and a Baby and it grossed over $167 million dollars. THAT is an injustice!

What ever happened to Steve Guttenberg?

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The same thing that happened to the Police Acadamy series.

Take a ride...

Koaster King said:
Edge of Seventeen had segments filmed at Cedar Point, but I've never even heard a mention of it on this site. Maybe it was just too small for anyone else to notice.


Yeah, I liked Edge of Seventeen. I usually make it a point to watch the "small" movies. They are usually better. One thing I thought was funny was that Edge of Seventeen took place in the eighties and there is a shot of Raptor in one of the CP scenes.

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