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Wednesday, June 12, 2002 5:51 PM

Hey everyone, Ive read these boards for a while but never posted. But since i always read about your trips to parks, i decided to write about my first trip of this season.

Today i went with three of my friends to SFGAdv, and like always, I had a great time. SFGAdv is my home park, and although I have read countless TRs of people bashing it, I have never had a bad day there. Anyways, heres how the day went....

Suprisingly, the rope dropped right at 10:00, and what better way to start off the season than with...

NITRO: Walkon, 2 train op

I only say walkon because we were among the first people to get there throughout the day. We had to wait for the ops to finish testing it, and in what seemed like a strange move, they removed the third train from the track right before they opened the ride. Oh well, we didnt have to wait long anyway. Now I love Nitro, but something about my ride this morning seemed a little bit off, i guess it seemed kinda slow or something, i dont know. I only got to ride it once today so maybe it was just early.......8/10. After Nitro...

BATMAN the Ride: 5 mins for front, 2 train op

Batman is consistently an intense, reliable ride. I know people say its too short and that it lacks originality, but my ride this morning actually upstaged Nitro. That will hopefully change, but Batman was really hauling @$$ this morning....9/10....From batman to....

SKULL MOUNTAIN: Walkon, 2 train op

I dont really like Skull Mountain, Kinda boring, you know what im talking about.....3/10....We then decided to get our season passes processed, which i was actually nervous about since i read about some of the horrible waits you guys have encountered to get your passes processed. Luckily, we waited no more than 10 minutes before our season passes were in our hand, and since we were near the GASM, we headed to it.

Great American Scream Machine: Walkon, 2 train op

Waited one train for the front seat and we were off. OK, youre all going to be like "huh??" but i LOVE the scream machine. It was my first big roller coaster, and i have always enjoyed it. I mean, yeah its a little rough, but nothing we shouldnt be able to handle. The first half of the ride is just disorienting, i always black out during the double loop, and i love it. I know it isnt the smoothest, but i dont understand why many of you wont even ride it once during your visit..........8/10...... We stayed on the train for 6 rides since there was no line, then we headed to.....

MEDUSA: 5 mins., 2 train op

Medusa is my favorite ride at SFGAdv. Ill admit the floorless aspect doesnt really do much, but i think this coaster has gotten so much better since its opening. It seems so much faster and more intense than in 1998.....9.5/10......Rode twice then went to everyones favorite.....

ROLLING THUNDER: 10 mins (someone threw up on the car so they had to clean it, otherwise it would have been a 2 train wait), 2 train op, Right side open only.

Yeah, its in horrible condition, but its great. We ride it just because it feels like its going to collapse under you. There was no airtime, as always on the right side, but we still had fun on it....6.5/10.....

Viper was down today, the Runaway Train was only running one train, and I refuse to wait in any line whatsoever for it, so we didnt ride it, and only the Batman side of the Chiller was open, but it had like a 45 minute wait, so we had to skip it too, which sucked because i really wanted to ride with the new lapbars. We hit some flat rides, not the Evolution since it was closed...big suprise....and since it was hot we went on the Movietown Water Effect and stood on the bridge 4 times. Thats that best way to reenergize yourself on a hot day.

Well, im out, that was the basis of my day at SFGAdv, we had a great time, and will definitly be back many times this summer. I had no major problems with anything, and overall it was just a fun day at a theme park.....


Wednesday, June 12, 2002 9:32 PM
Great TR! It wasn't crowded at all! You should have still rode Batman ;)

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Thursday, June 13, 2002 5:57 AM
Nice TR. Welcome aboard!

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Thursday, June 13, 2002 5:00 PM
Wus sup Tyedal, good trip report I like Gasm too. I don't know why anyone says its rough its intense but I like it.

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