I'm going there Spring Break!

Saturday, February 5, 2000 12:46 PM
I will be going to IOA and Disney World during Spring Break! Could someone please give me some tips, for IOA especially? Thanks.
Sunday, February 6, 2000 9:04 PM
Well, my wife and I just went there three weeks ago, and all I can say is prepare to be blown away. The theming is not just "great", it is simply astonishing. I'm not a fan of "theme" parks, but IOA is spectacular in every way. If you are a Dr. Seuss fan, which both my wife and I are, Seuss Landing will bring tears to your eyes. The Carra-Seuss-el, the merry-go-round with Seuss characters, is, plainly stated, a magnificent work of art. To say that the Dudley-Do Right ride is the best flume ever built would be an insult - it is a legitimate thrill ride with mind-boggling theming. Same for the Bluto raft ride. And the Jurassic Park shoot-the-chutes ride (significantly better, oddly enough, than the one in California). As far as advice goes, I'd suggest turning right at the main entrance and heading straight to Deuling Dragons. Most people head left and go to the Hulk, which is at the front of the park. After a couple rides on DD (we preferred Ice, although most seem to like Fire better) go to Spiderman. Be warned - the line may be long, but it will only get longer. And it is prone to (repeated) break-downs, so getting there early increases your chances of not getting shut out. And it is worth the wait - a huge leap forward in ride technology. After that, do what we did - wander around with our mouths hanging open. IOA is as good at what it does as Cedar Point is at what it does.

Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.
Monday, February 14, 2000 2:39 PM
Be ready for very long lines expecially Hulk and Spiderman! Do those rides as early in the day as you can!
Monday, February 14, 2000 3:28 PM
Hulk kicks ********

[That language is not appropriate here. -J]

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Tuesday, February 15, 2000 12:08 PM
Isn't there one other coaster in IOA? I can't wait to go.

Does anybody know anything about Rock 'N Roller Coaster or what ever it's called. I might check it out.
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 2:17 PM
Ive been on the rocken rollercoaster. Its all write. Its a little short.The music on the coaster hurt my ears. Thats if you don't like arrow smith.The hole coaster is inside a building the begining is the best,and the signs inside are cool. I gave it a
Buzz rating:3
Ride agin:4

P.S. sorry about the spelling
Saturday, February 26, 2000 5:31 PM
Which Dueling Dragon is the best? In my opinion, they both look cool.
Saturday, February 26, 2000 6:33 PM
Tough question, I don't think that one is better then the other they are very diffrent. Fire seems faster and more intense, Ice is more Raptorish meaning it seems less intense and it flows better. Another tip is that if you want to get the full deuling effect sit in the middle of the train.
Sunday, February 27, 2000 1:53 PM
PT300 There are only 2 roller coasters at IOA Dueling Dragons and Hulk. Three water rides, Jurassic Park really gets you. Rockin roller coaster is at MGM part of Disney.
Sunday, February 27, 2000 5:23 PM
I thought there was something called Pteronadon Flys or something like that.
Wednesday, March 1, 2000 4:23 PM
How are the coasters and the spider-man ride at IOA.....i'm goin there for spring break...and i need to know baaadddd.
Tuesday, March 21, 2000 3:59 PM
Well, thanks for all your help! I leave for Florida tomorrow. It's gonna be a great trip! I'll be back in ten days.

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