I'm Giving Away Some Free Kids Tix To Great Adventure

I was there about an hour before the rope drop. I was between the metal detectors and the actual parking lot.

The rest of this conversaition is making me uncomfortable.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Yep I think you did ask. Wow what a small world!

This reminds me of the time I had 5 earned coupons good for 20% off your entire grocery purchase at Meijer expiring one day, limit 1 discount per transaction. It was near Christmas, and I was feeling jolly, so I put in the effort to go find 4 deserving families with the fullest carts.

It was an interesting experiment. I went up to those that appeared kind and said, "I earned these 20% off entire grocery purchase coupons, and they're expiring today. You just need to hand it to a cashier, and you'll simply save 20% off your grocery bill."

While a couple families were instantly trusting, very appreciative, and excited, others assumed a scam or were just dumb? They responded with a "No thanks." and wheeled away quickly with their overflowing grocery carts.

It amazed me that I actually had to put in some effort to give free cash to people. lol

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