I'm Fat can I go to Cedar Point?

Comparing a Lap Bar to a OTSR does not work. People who have problems with Intamin hypers are those with larger thighs, rear end and waist, ie too much weight in the lower half of their body. The people who have a problem with OTSRs are tall torso people, people with big sholders, stomachs or a femine chest feature (or 2) ;).

Jim S. said:
*BTW, unless they change it, the belt on Voodoo's test seat is probably close to three inches shorter than the real thing.

That was horrible. I tried the test seat before it opened and wasn't even close to getting it buckled. I had never been on an impulse before so I wasn't sure if I was going to fit or not but it was upsetting since I was looking forward to trying the coaster.

Some people on here told me to try it anyway and I was amazed that I was able to get the actual seat buckled myself. If I hadn't known that I would have never tried it because I didn't want to have to exit the ride in front of everyone.

Speaking of Intamins, I am on the large side myself. Currently I fit on every coaster I try to ride, but 4 years ago, I couldn't ride the Xcelerator, due to my large stomach. I went on diet after that, lost 20 lbs., and now fit on it, although just barely. I fit on every other coaster at SFMM and KBF with no problem. But it was really embarrassing when I had to leave the Xcelerator, because I couldn't latch the seat belt. I am trying my best to keep that from ever happening again.

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I actually had more trouble fitting into the TTD seats than the Millie seats (the seatbelt on TTD seemed shorter). My lower half is my trouble area, as I have a big ole ghetto booty that raises me real high in the seat and creates more trouble for the belts than the OTSR's. However, I fit in everything I've ridden. I think you'd probably be okay...DO check out the test seats, but keep in mind that a lot of times, those test seats are kind of...worst case scenario. If it's close, I would try it.

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Charles Nungester said:
For me on the Impulses, its my shoulders, not gut. Matter of fact most OTSR rides thats the issue.

That's my main issue with a few rides. My shoulders get in the way of the OTSR coming down- I have room between my stomach and the restraint because my shoulders are high and are keeping the restraint from coming down all the way and meeting the seatbelt. This happened to me on the Impulse at SFDK a couple of years ago.

B&Ms, Vekomas, Arrows... never an issue, as I suspect is the case for most people.

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