IL Playland Park's Flying Scooters LIVE!

Many who grew up in the Chicago area may remember a lesser talked about amusement park, Playland. This park was owned and operated by the Rocco family (of Bisch-Rocco fame). The only physical remnant I thought left was the Maintenance building still on site that serves the Mobile Home community that Playland had to close for.

Just a few days ago, I was on and looking at their listings of all the known Flying Scooter installations. Lo and behold, I saw Playland's and the serial number assigned. As I checked the list, I saw the same serial number for the unit that was at Columbian Park (Lafayette, IN). Now, to my amazement, I discover that it is currently operating at Stricker's Grove outside of Cincinnatti! How cool! I thought it was LONG gone after Playland closed in 1979.

I am curious how many other of Playland's rides might still be "alive". If you have any information about Playland or any of its rides/people, please let me know.

I grew up across the highway from Playland and have MANY memories of it. I would like to put a story together for any of the organziations or web/fan sites out there. I already provided their profile info.

Ken Phillips

I haven't been to Stricker's in a few years, but something (I don't remember what) told me that their Flying Scooters came from Fantasy Farm. I'm glad I was wrong and that part of your childhood park is still alive!

That's an interesting fan site (there's one for everything, isn't there?) but at first glance it doesnt look like it's been updated for a while. I'll look through it more carefully when I get home.

I like that each ride is rated for "snappability"! Thanks for the info.

We're still there.

The site is about the long term collection and compilation of the history of the Flying Scooter. We have far more (incomplete) research than is found on the site. I have just been lazy this off-season. :)

If anyone has specific questions or information to provide on the subject, post here or email to any of the addresses on the website.

Flyer Addict Chris

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Hi, Chris!

I just sent an email the other day with Playland info. I hope you received it. Let me know. It also includes info about Old Indiana and Bob-Lo.

Great site!

RE: Fantasy farm,,,I beleive theirs went to Fun Spot and Americana's tubs are now attached to it.


Ken: Replied to your email in detail.

And, yes Fun Spot's scooters are now a true combo of the two units. the steel structure is still from Fantasy Farm; the tubs, motor and outer structure shell were replaced with Americana parts in 2007.

The worn (Fantasy Farm) tubs were retired and sold to collectors. A few addicts are using them as lawn ornaments :)

FA Chris

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To be more coaster-related, this park had three of them. The best was a memorably-wild, in-house, steel track, wood structure out and back. It was similar in looks to Chippewa Park Ontario's current coaster. Playland also had a Mad Mouse and a Toboggan.

Isn't that fun that two rides that could wave at each other across the alley are now combined into one!

Flyer Addict Chris- I have a million questions for you and some info you might use, too. I'll try to email you later. Thanks!

I do Strickers three times a year and last year was the best snappage ever on them. Although we have the trees trimmed back pretty good now..Fantasy Farm and Lesourdsvilles Flyers are both at Fun Spot in Angola Ind. The old Fantasy Farm Structure now runs the fiberglass tubs that were on Lesourdvilles. They fly very different but are very snappable. Steer oposite :) CLosest to Knoebels in intensity and speed.Check out the Wild West World photos my brother took on the FlyerAddicts site. Less than 2 months of operation. Where did they go?Chuck

Ken: Yes, we have a verifiable paper trail on the Playland/Stricker's connection.

Chuck: The WWW scooters are sitting in a field in Fresno, CA. They are planned to be part of The Forest at Granite Park project. Unfortunately, the project has had many delays and its future is uncertain.

FA Chris

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^They've also got a Screaminm' Swing from S&S, and the Lightning Bolt from the MGM Grand - would be nice, but that project looks less likely with each news article from the Fresno Bee. P.S. to Chris - semester is over, I'll try and get some stuff to ya over the break. Didn't forget. ;)

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