IJST construction tour results.

Friday, March 18, 2005 9:23 PM
The effects better be awsome. The ride itself is a "flat coaster". The highest point is the parking garage helix, and it no taller than 50'. There is a overbank that will turn the train completly sideways at about 25-30' high. This one woman at the tour was like, "God that is just like millenium force at Cedar Point!" Trust me folks its not like that lol. There is one train on site, one on the way, and the other is claiming to be there the end of april.
Friday, March 18, 2005 9:48 PM
So can you tell us something we didn't already know? We've seen the layout. Are they going to detail the trains? That's what we're all really dying to know.
Friday, March 18, 2005 10:01 PM
Also I might add that trains do in fact have working doors, head lights, surround sound, rumble abilities, along with complete force driven (i.e. later g's) fishtailing. I must say that the ride does look to be a great ride. Its soo low to the ground, and everything looks to be way too small (as in the turns look to be to tight for the speed). take the 90deg overbanked turn for example. The train is longer than the radius of the turn, along with it being less than half the height of the begging triple helix (also something that looks too small for going 40 mph). Another thing to note is that there is going to be three fire effects (some barrels blowing up, an entire left side of a helicopter scene, and a huge explosion above a tunnel), and a launch right before a "drop with a speed bump" into the water. Jeff also mentioned the technical rides could happen in late April/early May, the media day is on May 19th, and the public opening is on the 20th. There should be some pics up of mine soon at the first link below if you want to see the pics of today, and the second link has some pics from PCW.


Finally I would like to thank Jeff Seibert and the rest of the PKI staff for allowing us to check out the construction of this ride. It is something rare for a park to allow 60 coaster enthusiasts to enter the park in the off season, much less give them a tour about the new ride being built. THANKS!!!

edit: I did also remember Jeff saying that they still had a little work to do on the trains. Take that how you want, as is could all be mechanical, or it could be cosmetic.

edit2: sorry about the "lame" links. I have corrected that with one that will let you all see the pics without loging in. *** Edited 3/19/2005 1:48:12 PM UTC by Mark Burleson***

Friday, March 18, 2005 10:41 PM
Yup, tour was great! I'll have my photos and Trip Report if it up tomorrow.
Friday, March 18, 2005 11:58 PM
Making people sign-in to view your photos is a bit lame.
Saturday, March 19, 2005 1:01 AM
Rideworld is a bit lame.
Saturday, March 19, 2005 1:03 AM
I agree with Jeff.
Saturday, March 19, 2005 1:04 AM
Its definately not a good way to get people to see your pictures.
Saturday, March 19, 2005 1:37 AM
this is talking about a ride, not reviewing someone's site...geez
Saturday, March 19, 2005 1:42 AM
Three words. One URL.


Saturday, March 19, 2005 1:44 AM
That's no help because there's no Rideworld account on BugMeNot.com.
Saturday, March 19, 2005 2:11 AM
Thats funny because I was one not hyped at all about IJST, The tour changed my mind. The coaster looks to have tons fo tight turns, Drops and action.

Chuck, who kinda compares it to a steel locosumo.

Saturday, March 19, 2005 4:50 AM
Thanks for all the updates! Personally, after seeing Jeff and Maureen's presentation at No Coaster, I am VERY excited about IJST. Until then I didn't realize that the coaster would contain so much.

I look forward to Media Day!


Saturday, March 19, 2005 5:09 AM

Jeff said:
Making people sign-in to view your photos is a bit lame.

Not trying to get off topic here, but signing in just to download on CBuzz games was a bit lame to me...

Back to the subject at hand, I can't wait to ride IJST. I know Jeff said they'd be doing some detailing to the track with pain, I can only assume there will be some to the trains? Please?

Yay PKI!

Saturday, March 19, 2005 7:47 AM
I believe he did say there would be decals, or some kind of detailing on the trains. The tour was cool. The road trip was cooler!


Saturday, March 19, 2005 10:26 AM
did anyone bring up about this "surprise element" in the tunnel?

To me all i can guess is another slight drop to get under the station/launch area and then into the launch out of the billboard, but we already knew that for the most part.

Saturday, March 19, 2005 10:56 AM
Jeff said that decals will be added on to the cars. He also said the cars have plenty of leg room, enough for a person that is 6'4'' to fit comfortably. The cars will have 6 surround sound speakers. At the end of the ride someone will say, "Cut."
Saturday, March 19, 2005 11:20 AM
Jeff stated that there was only one train currently on site and that the other two will be arriving soon. The expected ride capacity will be 800-1000 PPH, but I'm slightly doubtful that it will regularly pull that unless the crew is really on the ball. There is still more detailing to be done on the cars cosmetically.

PKIBombers mentioned that the ride will say 'cut' at the end of the ride, along with a clip that states something like 'thank you for coming to our filming of the Italian Job chase scene!' (I apologize for not remembering the exact wording). Reminded me of the audio clip they used to play at the end of FOF (we are now done with our experiments on you).

I couldn't help but wonder if they still had to put the blades on the helicopter because the small blades currently on it appeared to be only large enough to be connections. I could be wrong though.

I have to agree with Mark B. that the ride is looking really fun after seeing it in person. It appears disappointingly short, but hopefully the experience will more than make up for it. It looks like a stomach churning machine (several quick drops, 3 launches/boosts, twisty track everywhere, and the only straight track I saw on the whole thing were either launches or brakes).

What surprised me most was how much of the ride is visible from park paths. I'm not sure if much of it will be blocked before the official release, but it seems like several special effects are given away by simply walking around the ride. Doesn't make them seem quite as 'special'.

For reference for those who didn't go, the main entrance to the ride will be located on the path between the Beast and Vortex. The ripped out the western half of the short, wavy brick wall that used to line the walk, and I found that to be a small bummer. Many there were also irritated to see that located on the former Flying Eagles site was..... nothing. Several mumbled four-letter words were heard nearby.

Overall, great tour by Jeff and Maureen! They also pointed out the new Graeter's location (which Jeff was quick to note is the first new Graeter's in Cincy for 10 years). It located across from the fudge shop, just to the left of the former UDF location on International Street (which will be a donut shop for '05 *cough*copyingcedarpoint*cough*). They've got a ways to go painting the Eiffel Tower as well. There were lots of red (steel-colored) patches that need attention.

If anyone has a really good memory, I was the tall guy wearing a blue sweatshirt, tan khakis and glasses with a camera in hand (see account picture for reference). Its so strange seeing so many here comment on attending the tour, and I have no clue how to match a CBuzz name with the corresponding human at KI on friday!

Saturday, March 19, 2005 11:47 AM
Does it appear that riders will get wet at any point on this ride or is that still a deep dark secret? I couldn't really tell from the ride animation if there was just a water effect or whether riders might actually get wet.

Looking forward to media day to be sure!

Sunday, March 20, 2005 12:20 AM
Was there any mention as to what the minimum height limit will be for the ride?

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