If you were to make a park, what rides would you have?

Alright, so I jut wanted to try something new because I wanted to see what people would have to say about this. If you were to make a park, and set aside $70 million for rides, what would you add?

Personally, I would go with:

GCI woodie similar to Prowler
Cost: $10 million
This would be a very good, low cost ride that should be a people pleaser.

B&M invert similar to Montu
Cost: $22 million
Many good parks have good B&M inverts, and personally, my favorite would be Montu, so I'm going with a similar ride.

B&M dive coaster similar to Krake, with a dive into a tunnel, like Oblivion
Cost: $15 million
I love dive coasters. I have been on SheiKra and Griffon, and both were amazing, albeit a little boring almost at the end, so I would get rid of the extra stuff that increases cost, and make a smaller one.

I would also set aside about $3 million for a kids area, and another $20 million for various other rides, including an Intamin drop tower, probably with Falcon's Fury style rotating seats, a mondial top scan, an S&S Screamin' Swing and some flying Eagles among other things.

What would you guys add?

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Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

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That's easy.

Intamin Drop Tower

Intamin Mega Coaster

Intamin Mega Looping Coaster

Intamin Strata Coaster

Intamin Invert Coaster

Intamin Shoot the Chutes

Intamin Super Chutes

All rides would down of course. But they would look so pretty to see! It would be like The Grand Canyon of amusement parks.

The End.

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I think the OP is underestimating the cost to install things that aren't coasters and also underestimating their value to a park.

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A Dragon Wagon for sure (complete with VR headsets to make it more amazing), and then I'll jack up the price of admission for the next 5 years while only adding a dining plan (or Maverick). I'll also buy the Big Dipper from Geauga Lake so enthusiasts will positively flip out and come visit my park, ensuring I'll have attendance figures that nearly reach triple digits for the year. Virtual queuing will be available for both rides at a significant upcharge. I'll consider dynamic pricing at some point.

I'll keep the rest of the $70,000,000 because if my park needed more rides than the Dragon Wagon and the Big Dipper, it'd have them already. I might add a hotel, though.

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Might as well have asked, "If you were to make a cheeseburger, what condiments would you put on it?"

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I'll wait a little longer before soliciting high fives.

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Well, my standing order at Five Guys Burgers and Fries is A1 and jalapenos, LK. Thanks for asking :-)

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If there's no bacon, you really haven't even started.

Oh, wait,I meant carousel.

Mmmmm, carousel of bacon.....

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Funny; I've worked in the amusement business for over 20 years and I have always joked (with seriousness) that if I ever hit the lottery, the last thing I'd invest in would be an amusement or waterpark. The risk/reward in most cases is just not worth it, and there are a ton of better and lower risk/higher reward places to invest your $$.

Having said that, if I were to build a new park from scratch, and were looking for the best chance to maximize profitability and success, I'd take a page from the Magic Kingdom book and develop something that is primarily geared for children and kids.

A ton of the startup capital would be spent on theming. Ideally built on a wooded tract with lots of natural landscaping, shade and natural elevation changes. The park would have to be in a warm weather climate so it could operate year round. Lots of immersive, unique, one of a kind dark attractions with lots of theming. But simple attraction concepts; take, for example "It's a Small World" or "Jungle Cruise". Simple concepts, yet great attraction experiences for what basically amounts as glorified boat rides.

Characters galore with several shows and perhaps a parade or two throughout the day. Some sort of closing finale taking place at the end of each day.

Finally, some fantastic food and beverage concepts, with some character meals. Give mom and dad the opportunity to enjoy a decent themed meal. I would offer alcohol, but not in your face like Universal does.

No mega-coasters, drop towers or typical off the shelf Zamperla flats. Ok, maybe a few Zamperla flats, but I would install park models and design elements and theming into the area to "hide" the carnival feel of the attraction.

Basically a Magic Kingdom, but at a fraction of the scale or cost.

I think that failed somewhere in China...

I'd have "The Little Land of Duff" boat ride.

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Intamin Strata Coaster
Drop tower off the side of tower.
Intamin Giant Frisbee
Intamin Hyper Coaster.
Gravity Group Woodie.
And of course two more intamin drop towers.

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First I would buy the former Geauga Lake property. I would hunt down all the rides that left the park and return them home. My slogan would be "The fun is back... AGAIN!"

But then again, what do I know?

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Three guesses which coaster I'd have, and the first two don't count.

70 Million, eh?

Act 1). Spend all of it to buy Magic Kingdom

Act 2). Bill Gates dies ;( I recieve 70 more million of his net worth

Act 3). Kidnap Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast from Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Over Texas, open in Fantasy Land as Prince Hans vs Kristoff - The Battle of Princes, replaces Seven Dwarves Mine Train ($14 Million)

Act 4). Hire Kim Jong-Un to take Atlantis Adventure and send it to Florida, opens in Rivers of America as Aqua-trax - Screw Latte World ($14 Million)

Act 5). Disneyland Paris takes Shambhala and sends it here, re-opens as Brave Little Toaster - The Ride ($14 Million)

Act 6). We kidnap Zumanjaro (Maybe accidentally knocking down Kingda Ka) re-opens replacing Voyage of the Little Mermaid as Ursula's Hell Unleashing ($14 Million)

Act 7). Head back to Six Flags Great Adventure and kidnap the Parachute Tower, open as Mary Poppins The Ride (Last $14 Million)

Then I jump off a cliff 12 times

Signatures are overrated. Come on.

The primary rides I would build would be:

1-Intamin Prefab version of the Crystal Beach Cyclone.

2-Floorless version of Kumba,but with the corkscrews together.

3-A modern version of KD's Lost World:an indoor/outdoor coaster would replace the Land Of Dooze ride;a forward/reverse flume ride would be in place of the Haunted River;and the mountain's main peak would hide a Tower Of Terror-style freefall called the Temple Of Doom.

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If you don't have a carousel, you don't have a park.

I also think you need a dark ride, interactive or not, as a place to cool off....

...and some water attraction (like a shoot-the-chutes) where non-riders could get wet.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

A smaller GCI woodie like White Lightning

A B and M flying coaster

A family launched coaster

An intamin or premier rides multi launch

A B and M hyper coaster

A drop tower

Lots of family rides and a couple of thrill rides and a dark ride

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