If Theme Parks Were Honest


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They should play that on the ride from MCO on the Magical Express

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Wow, that's pretty dark and cynical.

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Full of really bad acting.

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Bad acting? That girl on her phone deserves an Oscar for her portrayal of our son!

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There's so much baloney in that video, you'd think it were written by a bunch of wannabe comedians. :D

Wait! It WAS written by a bunch of wannabe comedians.

Cracked has really lost it's moxie over the last few years.

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That was really dumb.

Mad > Cracked. Always.

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Can we just go back to the days when sketch comedy was actually funny?

Like...Carol Burnette? Red Skelton? Jack Benny?

Seriously, that stuff holds up to this day.
Plus, I went to high school with them.

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How about Kids in the Hall, Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade...

You know, something for people not yet on Social Security...I keed, I keed.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

I'm glad I'm not the only one that found that video unfunny. Normally I get a slight chuckle out of the if _______ were honest videos. That one, however was a bit, ... off for my taste.

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I shared this without personal commentary for a reason. I fully expected theme park fans to find it less than funny. Although, personally, I'm not sure it was really meant to be all that funny (at least I hope not because they failed by a decent margin), but rather lite-critical commentary on the industry.

The real entertainment is the comments on YouTube (and likely representative of a more general audience).

Who I miss with all my heart is that original cast of Mad TV. I watch them on YouTube a lot. They were truly funny with some oddball characters and good writing.

And Mr. Gonch, I've been wondering who just might actually find that vid funny. You'd think us coaster folks would find it at least knowingly, inside-jokey familiar, and those satirical points are surely an occasional hot topic with us. But have we beaten it so far to death that no amount of "comedy" around the subject is enough to make us laugh? Or are the complaints so far off base that all it gets from us is a big fat eye roll? Or was it just bad writing and acting all together? Anyway, I didn't like it.

I still think comments should be banned and I can just imagine what John and Mrs Q. Public have to say about it. So I ain't reading it.
Thanks for leaving it there, though.

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I got the joke. Conceptually it was a funny take on how amusement parks sell themselves to the public.

But as I watched it, I thought it went on too long and belabored the point.

Still, businesses using advertising to make themselves look good isn't unique to amusement parks. The day I get a burger at Culver's (my parents love Culvers) that bears any resemblance to the ones in their ads I'll probably faint.

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...so you'd better goddamn enjoy it!

That was funny.

But then again, what do I know?

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Sweaty intern or pervert? Indeed.

Nobody at least smiled at the part about it doesn't matter how expensive the food is, 'cause you have to eat it anyway? Come. On. People. That's classic Kinzel.

The entire video, though too long, encapsulated every complaint ever rendered on CBuzz. How can you not appreciate that?

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

The comment they made about the character actors is just way off. While there may be places where its the intern who drew the short straw, that isn't the case at most, if not all the amusement parks, and certainly not at Disney. All of the actors have to first pass an audition, at Disney its very rigorous, maybe a bit less so at smaller parks. The performers then have to go through a training program before they interact with guests as well. That was just too cynical for my taste.

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I feel like the writers for this were the "i'm not going to Disney" mommy-bloggers, or whatever the hell they call themselves.

And they're missing a complaint, Carrie; they forgot to mention how Michigan's Adventure simply never adds anything astonishing year after year.

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