If the 6 SF's get torn down next season, what will you miss most?

Let's say the Six Flags properties (MM, DL, EG, EV, Splashtown, WaterWorld) are torn down before the 2007 season. What specific coaster or ride inside the park would you miss the most?
I personally would miss Ninja at Magic Moutain the most. Am I the only one who considers it a great coaster these days? I remember when it was all the hype at Magic Mountain.
I'll miss the CP vs MM discussions. ;)
I will miss the is Superman: the Escape really a coaster discussions.

I will miss Westcoaster making fun of how ghetto SFMM is.

I will miss climbing a mountain to ride Ninja and to see SUE is closed (I have to climb the mountain because Orient Express is closed)

I will miss wondering why Z-Force...err Flashback is still SBNO.

I will miss wondering why SFMM has so many coasters yet cannot keep all of them open at the same time at a respectable level of capacity

I will miss wondering why DL has a SF in front of it

I will NOT miss the poor excuse of a park in Denver that was to replace the beautiful REAL EG

...Um, yeah that's about it.

Will definitely be missing Water World in Concord, SF always included it free with a SFMW pass, sure was nice having free access to a decent sized waterpark. Will absolutely be missing my favorite attraction the most, all the free eye candy of hot half nekkid dads! ;o)
It is nice, I go to the one in Sacramento more often though. It's included in the MW pass too, so I always take advantage of it as well.
IMO SFDL and EV will continue to operate as parks. SFDL is out in the country away from high land prices and has a potential buyer that wants to continue operating it as a park. EV is in a region that has relatively few parks. (although I could see the possibility of EV ultimately being scrapped in favor of a bigger park).

In haven't been to any of these six parks but had I been, almost certainly the thing most missed would be one of the SFMM coasters. Some of these rides were very unique and many used the terrain effectively.

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Austin- You're not the only one who thinks Ninja owns. I tout it's awesomeness everywhere I go.

It's truely underrated... and I think that's because it's always closed.

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Revolution more than anything, but also Ninja.

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Revolution has been 'gone' for years. :(

^I agree
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I would miss S:ROS at Darien and Riddler's Revenge and Goliath at SFMM.

The only parks I will really miss are the ones I will never get to, like Enchanted Village and Elitch.


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THANKFULLY, we won't have to *miss* SFDL's RoS....might get a new name, but the ride, and the park, *should* remain intact.

Honestly, I care more about that ride than everything at SFMM 'cept Revs and X. X will at least be relocated....and, as noted, MM destroyed Revulsion LONG ago... :(

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^I know *mom* is going to be pretty upset if her man (aka X) is relocated. :(


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I haven't been to any of these parks, but I would be bummed to miss out on Gold Rusher and Ninja. I get a kick out of mine trains and Arrow suspendeds, and I really love terrain coasters, so not being able to ride these two would be my biggest regret.

I guess I should add Revolution and Tatsu too, because if the park closed those would probably be lost as well.

- Aaron K

Is it safe to say as a deep coaster enthusiast seeing those parks close would almost bring us to crying? I just might if this was to happen.
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Why di they even bother building Tatsu anyway? If the park is scrapped, it will probably be too!

^ This is what happens when you have 2 different management teams in a short period of time.

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Being from CT I've only been to SFMM out of the 6, but I'd def. miss Ninja-- it honestly surprised me when I rode it, Gold Rushers nothin to write home about.. I would be upset about X too...

Tatsu I wouldn't honestly, went to the Media Day Campout for my birthday and I'd have to say it's not the best coaster in the park.. don't get me wrong it was good. But the pretzel is not for the weak at heart :)


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At EV I would miss...


No wait.....

Let's see....

I'd be sorry to see go...

Well, it's a good thing The Fair is going through an expansion phase. Another coaster will show up there within a few years, I'll bet. :)

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