Idlewild to get ten tub flying scooters (New version?)

Says Premier rides are making them and that it's a ten tub version???????

Oh hell, I guess I gotta drive 200 miles instead of two miles to enjoy em.

Chuck, whos visited Fun Spot, Knoebels, Camden, Conneaut (Twice) Strickers (5 times) HW and IB several times since PKI removed em and hasn't been back to PKI.

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I'm just going to GUESS that Idlewild is confused and that Premier is the ride BROKER...

Willing to be wrong, been wrong before, will be again.

I find it odd that both Larsons statistics and Idlewild s both state a hundred foot swing.

As for Bisch Rocco's I don't know the diameter of the swing.


^^ Not sure, it sounds like this is an updated version of the originals... unless Premier is taking an old Bisch-Rocco ride and modifying it.
That looks an awful lot like the Larson ride. In fact, the picture is a Larson ride:

The specs are pretty similar as well. And both Premier and Larson say their ride is an 8 tub model.

Whats so great about Flying Scooters.

Timbers crew 08

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If you have to ask, you just don't know....I wish I had a place to practice and get better, LOL.

The PGA ride being in fact, Larson only lends credibility to the argument that Premier serves as a *ride broker* for Larson.

Wild Wild West, being shown on that same page, would suggest they serve that role for RCCA as well...

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Yay for more flyers! Considering the way Lake Compounce's are operated, anyone else think these will be very tame?

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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Coasterkid, come to Phunfest at Knoebels sometime. I will show you how it's done. ;)

Matt, I HOPE they aren't tame! That would just....suck. ;)

Yay for Idlewild! It doesn't take a new set of flyers to get me to visit that park again, but it's a plus!


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Just out of curiosity, in what way are the Flying Scooters at Lake Compounce tame? Is it because they move too slowly, or are the operators nuts about making sure no one does any snapping or crazy flying?

Just curious!

They move slowly... no, make that crawl. Snapping tghe cables? Not an option. I give anyone credit if they can get more than three feet of horizontal movement in those tubs.

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