Idlewild Aug 6 2004

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First time to Idlewild since 1999. Arrived about 530pm. Too cold to hit the waterpark. 0/10. Still love the Mouse. 7/10. Great Rollo Coaster. 7/10. Why one train when like 3 Union picnics are going in full swing. My one concern was realized quickly that there is an absence of upper managers. I hope that the big shots were flipping burgers or parking cars, because if they were hiding, they may find pink slips from the owners.

Dizzy Lizzies. Great staff. 8/10. Confusion Hill. Still looks the same as when they built it. Seemed longer when I was younger. Time for a rehab. 6/10. I convinced the guide that a 160# adult will fit in the chair on the wall. I was right. The guy wanted to know how I knew. Hey, its my secret. 6/10.

Mister Rogers. Okay, this ride is long. I love Mr Rogers, and he was a great teacher. But, just operate the ride. No need for school-girl giggles and other comments. Drive the trolley, read the speil, and lets get going. 5/10. The new Howler looks great.

Ate at the cheesburger house. My advice to Kennywood. PLEASE stop buying from US Foods. People deserve a better burger! The chibatta roll, however, had a nice touch. 6/10.

Walked through Storybook Forest. Anyway, the parked still looks great, not a light out, and the games and retail were well staffed. Foodservice was overwhelmed, which means the catering better step it up a notch. I still love this park.

Glad you had a good time!

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It'd be sort of hard to rehab Confusion Hill, there's not really much you can do and the Mineshaft Kitchen and such fit in pretty well with the theme.

Nice to see you had a good time.

Did you by any chance happen to catch the shows at Hillside Theatre? They were beyond brilliant this year.

I saw a show going on, thought I did not really stay. As for Confusion Hill, maybe a new walk through could be on order. Idlewild has grown enough to warrant the larger attractions.
Aren't they getting a flume next year? That will be a nice addition.

I liked the way the Howler was themed! Very creative.

This is one of my favorite parks. It's amazing that a place really geared towards children can be so much fun. Often a lot more fun then most "thrill parks."

I need to get back there soon.

Yes, they are adding a log flume for 2005. It's a smaller version, purchased from Old Indiana. It's been at the park since 1997, nice to see it finally getting built.

It sounds like the kind of attraction that will be perfect for Idlewild.

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