Idlewild 5/26

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Probably one of the best trips I've ever made to Idlewild ever. Arriving at the park gates around 9:15 to assure we'd be the first there, we waited until 10 for the gates to open. As soon as they opened, I went to get my season pass processed. Luckily, I made it to the guest services booth before it really got crowded. I was the 3rd person to get my pass and when I left, there were well over 15 people waiting. For some reason, most of the passes pictures ended up looking burnt, red marks on them. At 10:15 I entered the line for 'Howler,' first one in line.
At 10:40, they opened the ride and I was the first guest to ever ride 'Howler,' which isn't a big deal but it's important to me. It's not as thrilling as I thought it'd be, but it still is a lot of fun. The theming is beyond what I expected. It suits Hootin' Holler' perfectly. I ended up riding 'Howler' a total of 10 times.
Other rides:
Wild Mouse-they needed to add more weight so they only took 2 guests at a time and had 2 employees riding it. So it went pretty slow. Rode 2 times.
Trinado-2 times, nothing else.
Rollo Coaster-the trains were painted, I don't like the paint job but it's alright. 2 times.
Scrambler-2 times.
Carousel-3 times. This is my favorite carousel.
Caterpilliar-this time the ride went very, very fast. Faster than I ever rode it. 1 time.
Round Up, Whip, Balloon Race, Skooter, Ferris Wheel, Paratrooper-1 time each.
Confusion Hill-Only 6 people in our tour group but it was fun. 1 time.
Loyalhanna Limited-Round trip, nice ride.
Mister Rogers'-Fun ride.
Tilt-A-Whirl, Spider-2 times each.
Dizzy Lizzy's-closed.
There were quite a few buses of little children there, they were cute, park wasn't that crowded. At five, when the buses left, the park was empty. Park closed at 8.

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