Iconic "California" sign coming down from Disney California Adventure park

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Disney crews plan to remove the iconic "California" letters outside of Disney California Adventure starting Jan. 4 as part of the overhaul of the theme park. The over-sized letters, which sit in front of the entrance turnstiles of the park, serve as popular spots for visitors to take pictures. Children often climb on top or groups gather in front to document their trips before they go inside.

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Hm. That actually kind of sucks. I liked setting my camera up and getting a wide-angle shot of the whole thing lit up at night, especially when the area was emptied out.

I really kind of liked those letters.

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I forgot just how much they were turning it into Hollywood (MGM) Studios. Sheesh. I think it's going to look good, though.

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Yeah, not a fan of this part of the overhaul. I always thought the entrance was pretty sweet the way it was. I loved seeing the monorail go across the Golden Gate Bridge behind the giant letters. It is going to look like the studios now-pretty bland entrance for a Disney park.

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Now nobody will know where to meet when park hopping. Not a big fan of removing the letters either.

I'm also not a fan of Goofy's Flight School utilizing the old Muhulland Madness ride. I'm not sure how any amount of theming can make one forget they are riding a coaster that could just as well be at the Orange County Fair (which actually has better coasters). I would have liked to see them put a new ride there. The footprint is small currently...but there is room by the old burger stand to make a decent sized coaster had they wanted to. Seems Goofy's Flight School was begging for something suspended.

That said, there is no way to not be excited about the plans in total.

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