IB, SFKK, HW, PKI, CP 5/21-25

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Did a solo trip to 5 parks in 5 days (well really 5 parks in 4 days, then an extra day a CP). The weather was almost perfect. The drive between parks was seamless as well.

Saturday, 5/21/05. Indiana Beach. Very nice little park. 2 very good woodies. LoCoSuMo was so so. Steels were just ok. Would highly recommend this old style park. B+

Sunday, 5/22/05. Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Nice park. Not as bad as what I have heard. Good selection of coasters. The layout is a little rough, with that bridge in the middle. They should maybe add a second. They had the area between T2 and Twisted Twins blocked off, so you had to go all the way around the back section to get to all the rides. No lines on anything all day. Employees appeared happy. The gate opening was really cool too. Only thing missing was Mr. Six. B

Sunday, 5/22/05. Holiday World. Very nice little park. Fantastic woodies!! Very light crowd. Multiple rides on both coasters. Great place to take the kids. Not overwelming. Even though I did not use the waterpark, it looked top notched!! B+

Monday, 5/23/05. Kings Island. This park always impresses me. Another walk on ride day. It is nice that they let you stay on the rides if no one is in line. Got multiple rides on Beast and SOB. Beast is a little too tame with those . . . darn . . . trims. SOB was still rough. Italian Job was just ok. Nice addition. Delerium was a pleasant suprise! Good test for tomorrow's MaxAir. A-

Tuesday & Wednesday, 5/24-25/05. Cedar Point. This is still the best park I have been to. Light crowds both days. TTD was running superbly. MF was a little shakey on Wednesday. Twice while in line, it got stuck on the lift hill. Multiple rides on all the biggies. Wish they would let you stay on rides if no one is in line. Did 10 in a row on Raptor, but it took an hour going through the darn line. Got my exercise anyway. Even saw and said HI to Dick! He was watching Dragster. A both days

Over all a very productive trip. Got my coaster count up to over 150 now. Nice to do things like this by myself every once in a while. Nice not having to answer to anyone by me.


Sounds like a great trip, I need to do one of those someday.

Been going to the Point for over 30 years and still love it!!!!!!!!!!!
I hear ya on the nice doing things by yourself and not having anyone to answer to. I like to Credit Whore by myself, but spend a day at a park with friends.

Good TR! I feel the same about SFKK, PKI, and CP (though not the best park I feel I've been to, I actually liked Knott's better).

I agree with your last statement. I spent monday through Wednesday of this week at CP on my own and it was great.
Sounds like a great trip. I've been married for a couple of years now, but I used to go to parks by myself. I loved it. People don't understand why its fun, but I seem to take in so much more of the atmosphere by myself. Those are all great parks.

My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.

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My girlfriend and I are making this same trip just about, but not going to CP, and adding the Dells and SFGA. Taking our time. I cant wait!
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You will have a great time. If you have not done Cedar Point, you really should. SFGAm is very nice as well. I have been there several times as well, just not this trip. I will get to the Dells soon as well.


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