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I don't believe I can do better at describing Indiana Beach than the recent TR from Trekker Park. I have the same feelings of being thrown back in time, so I'll focus on the rides.

Arrived to the park with Moosh around 11:30AM, and hit Hoosier Hurricane in the back. This coaster looks way more sweet than it actually turns out to be, but still a good ride. It looks to have a lot of airtime. Well, there are a lot of hints of airtime, but I was expecting more g's of every sort, pos/neg/lat, than it actually delivered. Moosh made me promise to re-ride it in the front, which he assured me would be a better ride. Grade B

Onto Cornball Express. I was expecting a lot out of this little sucker, from all I've read online. I mean I had huge expectations, and upon my initial ride, I was a bit letdown. But a funny thing happened. The more I re-rode this contraption, the more it grew on me. I was in love with it by the end of the day, enjoying what I felt was generous airtime on some of them hills, which naturally is way, way, way more pronounced in the back. The laterals on that helix are indeed as insane as I heard, and throwing me into the side of the train right before the station brakes is downright cruel! What a great ride:)! A+

LoCoSuMo: Again with preposerously high expectations, Moosh and I took a backwards ride in the front train, and a front-facing ride in the back train. Though it didn't live up to the hoopla, (I thought), it is undeniably unique; a true one-of-a-kind. Facing backwards on the first ride, I had no idea what we were in for, but I was giggling a fair amount. A good word to describe this: relentless. Solid B grade.

Tigg'r: Fun ride reminiscent of the Jet Star at SCBB, now the Ripper at Thrillville. This compact coaster is definately not for all tastes, and I didn't re-ride. But I would not avoid it in the future. A B- seems fair.

Galaxy was closed:(! Between that, Adv Xpress at PKI, and SFWoA's boomerang, I stand at 97 instead of the even 100 in my count at the end of my 10 day trip. Remedy? Easy! Do Zoom at Oaks, which I have thus far resisted, and the kiddie at WW/EV, before making Timberhawk my 100th coaster. The goal is to be at 100 before CAC. Why? No good reason........

I had never done a Chaos, so it was with Moosh that I had my Chaos cherry popped. It was a fun experience with a lot of intense head-over-heels action! The same could also be said of our Chaos ride;)...

As mentioned in other TRs, their Tilt-A-Whirl does indeed give some great, sustained, impressive, spinning rides. A definate must.

Frankenstein's Castle is a fun walk-through huanted house; it would be even better if the ops got into the spirit. They did not. In fact, the guy taking us on our elevator ride at the beginning kept resting his head on one of the elevator walls, acting like he was tired and bored out of his freakin' mind!. Note to ops; We all know it's cheesy. That's why were there. So stop acting like your virtually embarrased to be working it, and have fun with your position. Who cares if you come off un-cool?!?! It'll only hurt your ego once, I promise:). It should be mentioned that this actually has some genuine scares, which I won't give away. Like everyone else says, just do it.

Den/Theives. I suck at these. But since we rode in seperate cars, I got my second chance to re-enact "Hard-Boiled". That definately ups the fun factor.

I didn't get a chance to do Liberty Launch at HW, so the Double Shot was my very first "blast-up" drop ride. Fun, fun, fun.

The Big Flush. A water slide where you wear normal clothing. I had seen these in RCT, but never ahd the chance to do one. Relunctantly, after initial resitance, Moosh decided to give it a go. Cold, cold, cold!!!. Warm the water a bit and this would be a winner. The two of us were zipping down this thing, and our screams of expletives were apparantly audible, and amplified, at the end of the tube. Whoops! Still, the lady who heard us found it to be quite a hoot.

After having to unfortunately say goodbye to Moosh at around 3pm, I shortly thereafter found that I could still stalk Nasai and Peabody for a final day. The highlight of which was "banging" Rob on the swings. You see, you have the ability to manipulate, to a good degree, whether your swing goes in or out, falls behind or surges ahead, if you know how to handle the chains your chair is on. Playing around perhaps a bit much, I intended only to catch up with Rob. Nope. Crashed right into him. Whoops again. I also found myself flying parralel to Jeff, which was odd considering he was behind me and there is only a single row of chairs. Between this, Chaos, and LoCo, it was here that I found myself in the most unexpected positions of the entire trip:)!

Before leaving, I did re-ride Hoosier, towards the front. It seemeed marginally quicker in the late afternoon than when I first arrived. And I agree there is a bit more air up front, but not substantially different to warrant a grade change.

The park, however, is pure magic. A totally different kind of magic than that of HW, to be sure. But magic nonetheless.

5 days down, 5 left, and I'm already tired. But every morning, I'm somehow ready for more....

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Great TR Again!!!!! I miss you too Rob! Next time, warn me, eh? ;)
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I thought the IB Double Shot was quite painful for some reason. My shoulders just kind of SMASHED into the OTSR's at the top of the launch. Needless to say I didn't ride it again, although I wanted to :-(

I didn't have any problems with Liberty Launch.

Chaos is an absolute blast isn't it? Gotta love em.


Feel The DragsterGasm....

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Chaos is definately fun, your right. But you gotta ahve two people IMO. I tried the one at CP (TR coming) by myself, and there just wasn't as much action.

And Rob, if I had warned you, you would've tried to get away.

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