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Well, As I write this, I am Recuperating from a really bad case of sunpoisening. You got it, I forgot to use sunscreen. Ggrrr.... Anyway, I had to call off work today. We got to IB around 8 P.M. on Saturday night, checked into our "room" ( more about that in a minute), and off we go to walk around the boardwalk. We didn't do a whole lot on Saturday night except plan our strategy for Sunday :).

Sunday morning came and we got up at 8 A.M. to go to the Skyroom for Sunday Brunch. When you go to IB, make it a Sunday so you can enjoy the fantastic brunch! We stuffed oursleves silly. The made in front of your face omelets were the best along with what my my girlfriend calls the "Fufu deserts". She is so into cooking and the Food network, which of coarse we had to watch on Saturday night, lol. Anyway, on to the park. We went to the waterpark 1st, and 'tis where I got sunpoisening. We spent 2 hours on the "action" river" being lazy. 1st ride of the day was on Cornball Express, front. This ride is as insane as ever. The thing I really hate about this ride is getting to this ride. The stairs really suck. I know they had to build it up high along with Hurricane but the damn stairs suck. Just out of shape I guess. Cornball is sooo much fun! I also saw that IB took down the 15 minute wait signs too. Good Job IB! Next it was to Hoosier Hurricane. Geez! I know they had the trains rebuilt and this baby was flying! I have never taken a turn so fast as the one that goes around the Great Wheel! I thought we were all going to die..lol.

Next up was the Frankenstein's Castle. It started to rain, which was a kinda welcome feeling as it got really hot. The Castle had a couple new occupants this year and you have got to love the Room Of Doors. I remember the old Haunted House and IB this paying homage to it in the fun room. Next up guess what? More rain. So, On to Den Of Lost Theves. This is IB's old Mystery Mansion ride that Sally Corporation has done wonders with. Beware though, the guns are off kilter. I got 350 points and my girl got 110. The look on her face was priceless. We leave the ride and the rain has stopped so we head to Locosumo. This thing is insane! I think this ride was designed by the "good Doctor" when he wasn't dealing with his "experiments". On the way up the lift we hear A skeleton talk about wanting was to go over to the Taco stand for him..lol. We go MMMmmmm.. TACOS! So guess where we go next, the Taco Stand! We made 1 other visit too. These are the best tacos ever!

We went into several shops, and bought some apple things for the kitchen, all in all IB is a blast! Can't wait for Lost Coaster Weekend!!

By the way, we stayed at a run down place called Pines resort just on Indianabeach drive. This place was awul. I miss staying at the Quiet Waters. *** Edited 7/13/2004 1:53:15 AM UTC by stoogemanmoe***

My Beautiful wife, Julia, is the best thing that has ever happened to me!


You run into the Skyroom to say "hi" and don't sample the prime rib! (Cuts were generous and thick---and those were the smaller ones.)

Glad you had fun. I have yet to do the Castle since they opened the new rooms.



l. There are only three places to stay at IB : that great campground, the 1930s motel inside the park, or the Black Dog Bed & Breakfast across the swinging bridge.

2. We look forward all year to eating at the Sky Room --- the best amusement park restaurant in the country.

3. Everybody who writes a review on the 'Net says Hurricane is running faster this year. Can't wait for our annual trip to check it out.
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Yeah Dave, We came to IB on 1 day of planning. We had Sunday Brunch. Lost coaster weekend is coming just around the corner and we are saving our money for the weekend. I loved the primerib when I had it and it's the best primerib ever. Next time, Julia loses with the Burger Shake...hehe :) It was great to see ya Dave even though you were busy as heck.

My Beautiful wife, Julia, is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

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