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My trip wasn't for Indiana Beech but a Sprint Car race about fifty miles west in Boswell Indiana.

I however will never miss a chance to get to IB so I left early and arrived about noon. 23.00 was the 10-6 ride session price and I gladly paid it. This park is worth every penny and if Im not mistaken, Has the price come down??? Thought I remember about 26.00?

Anyhow I arrived on the bridge end to free parking and buss loads waiting around at the gate to get their tickets. It was a few minitues that realized the Gen Admin ticket booth was separate and I waded thru the hoard to get my session band.

I was in a hurry as I only planned on two hours.

LOCOSUMO. Always great, Miss the actuall bone jarring it used to have but this is one of a kind.

Den of Lost theives, I got over 1000! Wow with the bad guns this is known for and previous low scores of 160 with highs of 600 this was s surprise.

Double Shot, Still the most insane I've ridden.

Hoosier Hurricane. Regaining some of its chatter but still quick lap of the park.

Cornball. Last time I was there it was down so it was fun. Overrated but fun. I say overrated as it doesn't match the intensity of some other rides even in the state but is a solid ride and miracuously placed.

Didn't do Frankenstiens Castle, It's funner with friends and newbies.

What I came for.
Steel Hawg! I hadn't ridden any S&S rides except Shot towers and the sort, So I didn't know what to expect. I remember seeing that Zipper coaster they came up with that looked interesting but I don't know of any built.

The restraints were comfy. Curved bar that wraps over your lap and a open shoulder harness that comes down on each shoulder. No problem but I seemed over restrained on the ride.

The ride. The lift is insanely quick and up to the top and around a curve and then Wham, 105 degree drop. But Im stappled and there is no air so to speak. Up over and around some reverse bank turns and Im giggling :) Then the drop into the Inverted suspended section much like Mystery mine. I giggled every one of my 33 MM rides on this element and did it again on Hawg. Around a bend into a kinda 0g roll. Around a overbank and back into the station.

The rides short, Really short but it's fun and made me giggle like a kid. Im 43 and its my new all time favorite steel coaster :)

Got a race to make at 5pm so Im outta there. Shame too as the track was so dusty I didn't enjoy it. I'd of much preffered to have stayed at IB.

Thanks for Reading, The favorite coaster isn't a joke. Im finding big drops and predictabbility to be a detraction from most steelies these days. These, HAWG and Mystery Mine make me Giggle every time and I find the oh Wow factor works about once anymore

Chuck, Nungester

I'll agree that Steel Hawg could be a little longer but it is a very good ride. It seems like it is a hit with those who have ridden it so far.

How was the line and how were they at getting people loaded and unloaded? They were pathetically slow when I went.

Locosumo has really moved up in my favorite coaster list over the years. I suspect that Hawg will do the same after I ride it a few times. My one ride was a bit of a blur when it was over.

I don't know how it was compared to norm. Line started at bottom of ramp. Took about 10-15 minutes the first time, was shorter for the second.

Locosumo, I can't figure out why they don't run two trains (They have three) and while ones on the course, the other could be loading. It's possible I guess that it would have over capacity with two but it be nice to wait 5 minutes instead of 20


Good report Chuck. All this positive reaction to Steel Hawg makes me want to go up there and check it out myself. (Checks schedule to see if I can go up there this weekend :))

I think that unpredictabiltiy is a coaster quality that is overlooked in evaluating a ride. There is an art to be able to tie in a series of elements in a way to "blur" the senses and provide a good ride experience. It sounds like that the Hawg delivered with that for you.

With this and the new wooden coaster in St. Louis, July was good month for coasters in the midwest.


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