IAAPA says "experience economy" pushes theme park spending up 5% to $44.8 billion last year

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Worldwide spending on theme parks surged by 5% to a record $44.8 billion last year driven by the increasing importance to consumers of posting photos on social media from fairytale locations. Known as the experience economy, this trend is particularly common with millennials. Their magic touch on the theme park industry is revealed in the 2018 Global Theme and Amusement Park Outlook report from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

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The experience economy -- being supported on Coasterbuzz years before millennials made it popular.

Damn millennials. Walkin’ around like they rent the place...

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If they would just vote we would be all set.

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Every generation seems to want to make a statement about living better than prior generations. Experiences over products sounds good. Though its not necessarily true.


And get off my lawn.

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