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Most of this has been covered already, but here is my take.

Outdoor Magical Midway. Not this year. 1 SS swing, and 1 Moser ride where the guys were reading the plans upside down and scratching heads. None were working. I would not buy either. 0/10.

Great arcade games, including this monster hunting game where you choose your prey, including runaway prisoners. 10/10.

Got a picture with Dick Kinzel. Its a keeper for my wall of fame in the office. Speaking of which, what the hell was 'Whats New Theatre' about. 3/10. The casino guy had all of his stuff wrong. I beat him up later that day.

Food in the convention center. I give them credit. They had everything open, and pulled pork and fresh deli sandwiches were awesome. 8/10. As much as we love Orlando, you may starve there until you crawl out onto I-Drive.

Hit a few joints for dinner, including Atlanta Fish Market and Prime Place. Both 9/10. Great micro brewery and pizza place across from the Hyatt, which was visible from my balcony at the Hyatt. Barley's was the name maybe. 8/10.

I only was shown watches for sale once on the MARTA. Always entertaining. 8/10. Rides at the show. Not many this year. There will be more at Gibtown thank god. Zamperala still has a great booth. That model rapids ride kept breaking down, and I kept fixing when I walked buy. Ramon owes me money now. 6/10.

Game prizes. Its going to be a year of Simpsons and Shrek again. Stuffed cereal boxes looked funny. The BSR giant water games were also of interest. No Cheetah this year. Overall. 8/10.

The S&S swing was open on friday, the second last day of the show. I thought it was really good, and blew away the kennywood version. Also the Moser outdoor attraction was open the last day of the show, and went on it twice. Was pretty good, in that it was intense and provided some unique motions and positions. what other rides did you try? I went on the following:

from Zamperla:

1. Kangeroo Ride

2. not sure of name, helicopter ride? I know it was a family ride were pedals made you go higher.

Moser Rides:

1. Drop Ride

2. Outdoor Attraction

3. A mini shooting star, with feet pedals that controlled how far upside down you went.


1. Traffic Jam


1. Swing

I think I went on most rides there, and several times. I think alot of parks would be stupid not to add the Zamperla Kangeroo ride, was best family attraction at the show. Most parks are adding S&S swings, which are good rides, and my second favorite of the really large flat rides, with Huss Giant Frisbee being 1.

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