IAAPA Days 10-11

Oh, the joy of holiday crowds at the Magic Kingdom. After last nights great day at Universal Orlando, and dinner at Miller's Ale House. Hit the Magic Kingdom about 1130 am, to some serious crowds. Thank the Disney Gods most head to Fantasyland.

Used some 8 year old fast passes (don't ask) for Space Mountain, 8/10, then to Autopia, 25 min. Then to the Peoplemover, 5 min, then used fresh fast passes for Buzz Lightyear. The misses loves that ride, though I still thrive on MIB.Seems to be too many fast passes for that ride. I think the line was longer. Then lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace, with seating on the lower level with some neat-o views.

Then across the park, picking up Pooh fp's for later, and getting into the Haunted Mansion 35 min line. After that, headed back for some poolside rest, and to stare at the broken hot tub. $175/night = hot tub that better work next time.

Back into the park a few hours later, and off to Jungle Cruise, 10 min, and then to Haunted Mansion, as Pirates somehow broke down. Did Splash Mountain, 10 min, and rode in a boat with Asians who bascially had no idea what a Brer Rabbit was. Then to Thunder Mountain, 45 min, 8/10, and then to Haunted Mansion Again, and we played with the interactive stuff. That made the whole week worthwhile, trust me.

Saw the Electrical Parade again, which I like. I saw another parade in the afternoon, which I thought was the most ridiculous 12 minutes I could spend. Used the 4 hour late fp's at Winne the Pooh, which now also has q-line stuff I see. Then to dinner at Cosmic Rays. I would never suggest 2 counter service stops in one day, but these worked for us somewhow. Back to Small World, 5 min, and then Pirates, 5 min, and then I think we called it a night. MK was open 9 am to 3 am with extra magic hours. I am sure there was someone who pulled the 18 hr visit. Overall, we managed to ride a lot of stuff with some heavy crowds, and eat at a few spots without any long waits. Overall, 9/10.

Next day, the final one, had a leisure drive around the area, and then was airport bound. Its also nice to see IAAPA people at the parks after the show. Its what we are there for anyway.

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