IAAPA 2011 Days 7-8

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More trade show walking, and the yearly incredible Disney Legends seminar. I felt lucky to be in a group photo with Marty Sklarr, Bob Rogers, and the other gentleman who I forget somehow, and he even signed my book. The event was packed as usual. It was amazing all the people who stayed behind to speak after the show.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios event that night, it was less then stellar. After arriving, we were sent inside the Stunt Show area with fine canned drinks, and after 30 minutes, some dressed up people were speaking, but I guess some braintrust event planner intern never checked to see if the sound system worked on the ground. If we were in the stands, we may have been able to hear the stuff.

After going inside the park, more canned drinks, and tables were set up under the Osbourne lights. But....they had a dj playing pop sounds, no Christmas tunes. What gives? And the food, busted chicken fritters, and chinese food, and mediocre desserts, very un-Disney like. And only the Muppets and Star Tours was open. granted, the new Star Tours was great, with a fat wookie falling off the starspeeder windshield, and there were only 2 of us in the Muppet Show. Sweet-Ums actually stopped to wave at us. I think he was laughing.

The Premier party Thursday was Rio-themed. Pretty good way to end the week. If you were there, you know. If you were there past 230, you know.

Friday, after spending time visiting old friends, tried a neat 4 sided air hockey table, and did many simulators. They just don't do it like a real ride. Then snuck out to Aquatica, my first visit. I did the Dolphin Plunge, one of the giant rafts, the left side wave pool, and one bowl slide and river around it. I was told I missed out on the raging river. I only had an hour, so I will go back. Had dinner with one of my old co-workers, now a guide on the safari buggies in Animal Kingdom.

I am humble to mention this. I did the large 3 story ropes course located between Wisdom and the exit to the outdoor amusements. My first experience of shaking knees was when I realized the steps had no hand rails. I walked back from the third floor to the second and decided to start there.

Second floor = good. Third floor = not so good. I only did a few of the courses that high. Nervous I was. But fun.

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I've still never done a ropes course, but I really want to.

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Aquatica - Roa's Rapids. Definitely a do-not-miss attraction. But I'm a sucker for action rivers.

Can't believe they didn't have Toy Story running for yas....bummer.

Yeah, I was on a sprint to the family raft rides. I stood at the bottom to decide which to do. I thought since I did the raft at Wet N Wild that just did like the 3 drops, lets go with the twister, I get to the top, the girl starts yammerin I made the right choice, since single riders can't do the slide with straight drops. Not sure why, and neither was she.

While sprinting back to hit a cycle of waves, I thought "Man, that river be a flowin' ". I saw several IAAPA people all weekend, and was saying 'I went to Aquatica', and everyone replied 'how was the rapid river'? I of course have no idea to this day.

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I've still never done a ropes course, but I really want to.

We did a zipline/rappel in Alaska this summer. Awesome.

Stan Checkets had a zipline set up where 2 people get in the small car, held in by a belt, and you were hoisted back in the air, then released, and you come to a screeching halt against a patent pending giant array of coil springs.

I did several rappels in ROTC in college. Love it. Ropes course, instant nerveracking.

I was reminded by a co-worker about another trade show encounter. I was able to meet and speak for about 10 minutes with Neil who owned Bushkill Park. he is the professional clown who appeared on American Pickers. Enough said.

^Is there a snowball's chance in Hell Bushkill will ever re-open? It's really not that far from me, but I never got there.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


Neil said he had a employee reunion this summer, with generators and such for power. He has been keeping the grass cut when he can, etc. Everything is still in dispute with the owners after him. I think if he finds some more of those $10,000 circus paintings, he is good to go.

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