IAAPA 2011 Days 4-5-6

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011 12:06 AM

Well, many seminars on Monday and Tuesday. The opening 'Whats New Theatre' started with a less than stellar live gig by singers and dancers from Busch Gardens. I wish I would have missed that. Roland Mack is is the Chairman for the next year, and Miss Germany cut the ribbon to open the show. It was like an Oktoberfest on stage. We now have to speak German until the next show.

The trade show seems to be lacking the 'wow' items. Some new R&D monies are needed to be invested. There are many zip line attractions, and a stupid amount of inflatable items yet again. State Fair Donuts were a hit. Just as good as the fryed ones, they can be baked with an oven. I was fooled at Cedar Point this September, buying them by the Pink's location. I thought they were fryed, until the booth folks told me the correct answer. Cedar Fair has them all over.

GCI, PTC, Mack, and S&S had coaster cars, but most of the others did not. The one neat thing I did see, was the new spinning coaster from Wisdom. Its a Tilt car on a Dragon-style layout. Very neat.

Enjoyed a company dinner at Maggiano's at the Point, and another at the Palm @ the Hard Rock Hotel. Much improved over 1 few years ago where my $55 porterhouse was on fire, slightly over cooked. The Tuesday opening reception was sold out, but many folks were there, good place to mingle.
The Waterpark Social at Discovery Cove was a great time. I would love to see this park in daylight. Very peaceful, and tranquill. They did an incredible job on food, drinks, and live entertainment. I also followed up on a long time question.....are there Sea World Ohio dolphins in the park, and will they interact with guests. YES. I will ask for them when I visit again.
Premier Rides and Ripley's are also throwing some bangin' parties in their private suites. The theme this year is Pan Am, and each night is city. Wednesday's Munich was not dull at all. No way.


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