IAAPA 2008

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Well, it was great weather until Sunday, when it hit 61'. While on thefloor on Monday, much chaos over the triple deck ferris wheel, withelevators and all. No one can ride it, and its the third appearance forit. No takers.

Bob's Space Racers are into the junior sized games. Keep up the goodwork. Surf's Up by Zamperala will be a big hit. You do not get thenauseaus feeling while standing up. Nice seaside ride.

The outdoor midway is a stinker. As Jeff said earlier, when the outdoormidway filled the Georgia Dome, it rocked. Come to think of it, I havebeen to most shows since 1997, and the 1999 Dome was the only goodoutdoor midway.

Again, way too many inflatables. Why are they there? Many states do notallow them, so there market is limited. Its a rule that only onecompany per booth. However, I witnessed many sharing of the space.

Free pizza. That pizza next to Zamperla, which had 2 lines all day, wasnot good at all. That leads me to believe that people needs to spend afew bucks for lunch, and/or the Orange Co. Convention Center isoverpriced and the food is just plain bad. I say all of the above.

I love the Big Game/Safari Hunter. That hippo can't move fast enough. Ialso am aware that a handfull of the Cypress Gardens rides have beensold, and the second Giant Inverted Boomerang may have a new home nextsummer. Overall, 7.75/10.

Obviously I wonder if the Cypress Gardens wood coasters were sold, although I imagine that's not the case.

They were not. I do not even believe they received any offers.

^I think the only valuable things coming out of Cypress, are the flats, and the inverted jr. Starliner, I hope they just keep it there.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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