IAAPA 2007 Flashback: The Big Golf Ball 11/11/07

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Arrived at EPCOT about 3pm, had a great lunch at Sunshine Seasons foodcourt. Good pork chops. 7/10. Then to the new Nemo & Friends.7/10.Its like riding the Haunted Mansion inside an aquarium. Then to TestTrack. Still a great ride. 9/10.

Soarin had a major wait, so it will wait until 2008. I then did theGreen Team on Mission Space. Next time I will do the non-sissy trip.5/10. Hark, I say. Off to the World Showcase.

Gran Fiesta Tour is till quite the travel promotion. Having been toMexico, I want to see what Donald sees. 7/10. Then to Maelstrom. Irefuse to view the ending movie, but at least 3 or 4 people stop to seeit. 8/10.

After taking many pictures of the Christmas Decorations, we saw OCanada. This is actually a great film, minus Martin Short. They shouldhave used Bill Shatner. 9/10. Then line up ans see Illuminations.

I did get POV's of Test Track and Maelstrom. Overall, 8/10.

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