IAAPA 2007 Flashback: Disney Studios/Animal Kingdom 11/18/07

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Arrive Animal Kingdom about 10am, headed straight for ExpeditionEverest for a fast pass. Then a hike to Africa for Kilimanjaro Safaris.Its a good ride, but you see more animals at Six Flags Great Adventure.7/10. Then to Rafiki's Planet Watch (see: petting zoo). What is up with the sideways seating. That train looks strangley like one from Cedar Point. Shame on you Dick Kinzel. 6/10.

Discovery Island, Tough to Be a Bug. Quite good. 8.5/10. Back to Asia,and EE was quite the coaster. I should have did a POV. 8.5/10. Then thewalk on the Jungle Trek. Outside of 2 bats on their honeymoon in plainsight, it is a time-passer int he shade. 6/10. Kali River Rapids. Good,yet short. I hope DCA's is better. 7/10. Many hippie-looking peoplewalking the line then just passed through and didn't board. Not surewhy they skipped, or they failed to realize its a water ride.

Dinoland USA, my favorite. Top Spin, good, like the other flats fromZamperala.5/10. Dinosaur is great, half the excitement of Indiana Jonesat Disneyland. 7/10. Premeval Whirl, they look great. 7/10. I love thearea's feel. Overall visit...8/10.

Disney Studios, arrival at 4:30pm, straight to Tower of Terror, with aPOV for me. 8/10. Whay is there not a hotel built in this building forreal? Great Movie Ride. I fell asleep. 3/10. Star Tours. A bitdated. Better at Disneyland. 5/10. MuppetVision 3-D. Very entertaining.I miis Jim Henson. 7/10. Overall......7.5/10.

I hope DCA's is better.

IMO, it is.

I did forget to mention, and anyone going down again for IAAPA, thatOsbourne Family Christmas set up is quite spectacular. All 4 parks arewell decorated with a giant tree at the entrance, and so forth, but theDisney Studios is the bomb.

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