IAAPA 2007 Flashback: 14 Hours of the Mouse 11/17/07

Associated parks:

Arrived at Magic Kingdom, and a 9:15 ride on the riverboat to the park.Beeline to Frontiertown. I love Splash Mountain. 10/10. Its a nearperfect attraction. Thunder Mountain. Also running good. 8/10.

Liberty Square, and the Riverboat. Okay. 7/10. Then a entire walkaround Tom Sawyer Island. They should have a big bar in the middle.6/10. Back to Pirates in Adventureland. Its a sure winner. 9/10. Overto Fantasyland.

Peter Pan's Flight. Pure Stinker. 3/10. Many Adventure's of Winnie thePooh. Great. 9/10. My first trip on Its a Small World. It took me a fewminutes to realize kids were singing in each continent. The song isannoying, but the South Pacific room with the drums was cool Of courseour boat was backed up in the last room for some time while thewheelchair access boat was unloaded. Cruel. 7/10. Jumped back to theBarnstormer. Always a line. They should have bought two of them. 6/10.

Late buffet lunch at the Crystal Palace. 6.5/10. Not bad. Across toTomorrowland. We did every attraction. Period. Indy Speedway 7/10.Space Mountain. DId it without camera, anything. Enjoyable. 8.5/10.Astro Orbiter, 7/10. TTA, 8/10. Carousel of Progress. Fell asleepagain, missed the 40's. 6/10. Buzz Lightyear, this time my gun worked.7/10. Stitch's Great Escape. This is plain stupid, like the whole Lilo& Stitch farce. 2/10. Waste of time. And so was Alien Encounter.Just put a space shot there. The new Monsters Inc.was fabulous. 9/10. Ienjoyed Tomorrowland.

By now, its time to rest for the Magic on Parade moving throughFrontiertown. I can't wait for this to end. Really. We duck intoCountry Bear Jamboree. Its on its final legs, so visit this great show.7.5/10. I saw the Christmas show years ago. Very good. Then to HauntedMansion. Great great great. 9.5/10. Now a very dark trip on the JungleCruise. 8/10. Magic Carpets, no line, 7/10. Tiki Room was a walk on,7/10. Another endangered attraction. See it now.

Back across the park to Dumbo. The first piss-poor operation of theday, where the girls operating the ride were pretty much fartingaround, slow loads, on the phone, not checking restraints. 4/10.

The park was open to midnight, but its now 10:45pm, and we are whooped.What a day. We banged out a ton of attractions, many were my first,after 4 previous visits. I now enjoy WDW much more now. Overall, 9/10.

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