IAAPA 2006: Video posted on Parksmania.it

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Parksmania.it has posted a video montage of shows exhibitors from the annual IAAPA trade show, held this year in Atlanta.

See the video on Parksmania.it.

Link: Parksmania

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Is it just me or have the shows gotten boringer and boringer each year? Wheres the drop towers you can try out?
It's a trade show, not an amusement park.
Ride of Steel:

Moser had a drop ride. This video was just ok, and missed the two outdoor exhibits by Moser Rides and S&S. S&S had their new version of their swing thing, this one had a different type of drive I believe, and in my opinion was much better than the Kennywood Version. Much more powerful and intense. The video didnt' really do it justice, but the best family ride at the show, was the kangeroo ride by Zamperla. It provided great airtime, and had the longest lines of the show. Not really sure this year was any more exciting/boring than the other years.

could it be that boring because of themusic? ;-) haha. Anyways, the kangaroo does look like a pretty descent ride.

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