IAAPA 2003 / USF Event Night

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Too many damn inflatables. I do not understand how more states ban them, and they keep coming with more samples. 0/10. Whats up with all the climbing walls? 2/10. New ballon game at Bob's Space Racers. Good thing. 8/10. The ride that did the deed was Disk-O at Zamperela. Always a front seat. 9/10.

Saw 2 great looking ladies from Portugal do stunts under the circis tent. Circus folk make me nervous. 6/10. Got to speak with Mr. Kinzel for 10 minutes all to myself with no ACErs tailing him. Nice guy. 9/10. Lots if strategically placed massage chairs on the floor. 6/10 There should be more companies that dispense drink samples.

What the hell were those drummers doing at 'What's New Theatre' at 9am. Just play the movie. Food at the convention center was good for just opening. 6/10. On the menu, stop saying 'sirloin sandwich', and say 'hamburger'.

USF was pretty steady at night. Jaws is a new experience in the dark. 9/10. Nodded off in Graveyard Review. 4/10. Halloween was over, fyi. Agaim, Shrek 4-D stole the show. 10/10.

Had some free eats at several locations. 7/10. Time to sample. Did MIB again, and won. I expected the PTC owner to be a better shot. Had dinner the night before at Morton's. 11/10. *** Edited 12/9/2003 10:17:00 PM UTC by Agent Johnson***

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I felt pretty much the same about the show, and I don't get the inflatables either, especially since they have to buy more square feet than anyone else. How do they afford it selling those things?

Disk-o was indeed the best ride at the show. I wish Coke and Pepsi had booths at each end of the floor instead of just at the front. Did you get the vending sized Pringles? That's a good idea, if not a monumental waste of eco-unfriendly packaging.

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Agent Johnson said:

Got to speak with Mr. Kinzel for 10 minutes all to myself with and ACErs tailing him. Nice guy. 9/10.

You rated a conversation?:)

Why , oh why , must toothpaste be a base?

Now, Agengt Johnson, I believe there's that matter of you oweing me an adult beverage since I spotted you at IAAPA, no? :)

Maybe next year if we're in your area! It was great meeting you there, glad you had a good time. We loved IAAPA!

Joe "don't forget Virtual Image Productions, Inc, for all your animation needs! :)" C.

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Yes, you are correct. I owe you a beverage. I think they had various kinds in the concesssionss areas. Everyone should have one after walking the floor, which totaled 11 miles if you hit every aisle. Keep my card handy.

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